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Did you hear? They make crackers in black now.

Anyway, the Court can step up and give all these troglodytes a lesson in Civics any time now.

The flag says: CALIFORNIA _________.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the _______ for which it stands....

This is not a democracy; if it were we wouldn't even be talking about the "black vote." "Upholding the will of the voters" is NOT a judge's job, upholding the constitution is.

I say we bring back literacy tests.

Kit Whitfield

Did you hear? They make crackers in black now.

That's an ugly thing to say. Surely the idea is to get past stereotyping. I'm angry about this too, but calling people names just cheapens us.

Greta Christina

What Kit said. As angry and upset as many of us are about this, it is not okay to resort to racist scapegoating. (And literacy tests were one of the ugliest and most shameful parts of our history. No, we should bloody well not bring them back.)

I'm working on a separate piece that touches on this. In the meantime, Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend has an excellent piece on this subject. Anyone who wants to blame the African- American community for the passage of Prop 8 needs to read it, stat.

Kit Whitfield

Yes, it's a bit worrying how fast some people are leaping to blame African Americans for this crappy amendment. If it was white people who'd shown such heavy numbers in favour of Prop 8, I doubt anyone would be talking about it. Considering that Obama's just been elected and everyone's (rightly) saying it's a great sign of progress to have a black guy be President, it's disappointing: the message seems to be 'Black President good, black citizens using their votes bad.'


I'm shocked and horrified by what happened. I remember not so long ago when I was celebrating with the woman I love that she might finally be able to marry the woman she loves. Now we're back to this. It makes me ashamed to claim the same species as those bigots.


As sad as we all are now, I think there is hope for the future. These horrible anti-gay referendums exist largely because of the homophobic administration that we've been living under for the past eight years. Bush went so far as to support a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in every state in the country!

However, we will soon have a President who is clearly an opponent of this form of discrimination, and even spoke out against Proposition 8. It won't happen overnight, but I think this refreshing change in leadership is eventually going to lead to change for the country as well. We just have to keep fighting.

David Harmon

The Repeal 8 fight has gotten underway with major snark (via John Scalzi).

B.T. Murtagh

This is why, in spite of the tightening economy, I have decided to maintain my automatic monthly contribution to the ACLU.

I'm sorry there are so many jerks, Greta, but this shall not stand.


I had no idea you lived in CA--my deepest sympathies to you both.

When will the morons in this country learn that another person's rights are not up for a majority vote? Both of my otherwise fair and intelligent parents are big fans of the separate but equal argument against gay marriage, and I've never been more disgusted with them, or ashamed of them. I've given up fighting with them--they're in their sixties and it's pretty obvious that the winds are changing with the younger generations. What's sick is that they had this same argument with their elders in the sixties in support of the civil rights movement. Now they've become their parents.

Now I have one more thing to look forward to if I make it to California, besides my dream job, and that is putting in my vote for marriage equality. Bigoted bastards. Brock is totally right though--time is on your side.

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