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I think, "I really hope people understand the difference between fantasy and reality. Otherwise, they're going to think I'm a total nutjob."

You know, I think I could very well make this mistake myself. So, yes, let us hope that others won't.

Jim H

Hi Greta. First of all, congratulations on the interview, and especially on the new publication. (Not sure if I'll seek it out--I would probably find it uncomfortable, but that's me.)

But second: I found your blog fairly recently, so I wanted to thank you for writing, and pointing me to, the piece on atheists and anger. I hadn't seen it before. Wow. You very neatly captured a lot of my own feelings in that post. (And, I read a lot of the comments there too--part of the reason I'm saying "thank you" here is the volume there.)



Definitely continue to take on those who misquote or otherwise misuse your work. The RRRW has a nasty habit of distorting legitimate research to promote their agenda. This is particularly true of anything regarding LGBT people and atheists. Wayne Besen and Alvin McEwen are excellent resources on the means by which they do this to LGBTs, and specific instances of researchers whose work has been abused.

They'll keep it up unless we continuously expose them and make them stop. Even if they seem to be making an honest mistake they need to be addressed and asked to correct the matter.


Can you provide a link to some of that astrology-related research? I'd be interested to read about that.

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