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Thanks for posting this Greta! Now that I know, I will be taking my kids to the Lexington, KY event.


I'd just like to point out that Texas is a huge state, and it's easy to be several hundred miles from something happening here and still be in the same state. Luckily, it seems someone already thought of that, and we're having more than just the one.

Jane Know

There was a great rally today in Chicago! Thousands of GLBT people and allies braved the wind and cold to peacefully show their support for marriage equality. Thanks for the reminder and support, Greta.


I just got back from the protest in DC. Judging by photos I've seen, y'all in California had much better weather than we did.

Jason Failes

Has anyone pointed out that, by the same "logic" employed by religious spokespeople during Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Tsunami, god must be pissed at the Prop 8 vote, and is letting us know in no uncertain terms by sending wildfires to smite bigots and hypocrites?

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