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I thought "Real Americans" are the people that vote straight ticket Republican.

David Moisan

Back around 9/11, I was reading a right-wing blogger that was winding up his audience by screaming about the terrorist threat. Why, he said, what would we do if Boston was nuked?

I live near Boston in Massachusetts, a state that, I am assured, the "real" America hates due to its taxes and liberal attitudes.

I am kicking myself years later for not telling that blogger something like this:

"If Boston really were destroyed by a nuclear bomb tomorrow, you'd gloat. You'd say, 'Well, that's what they get for liking *terrorists!* and their *rights*!'. 'What'd them Secular Humanists expect!?' (despite that this atheist would be threatened by Islamism as much as anyone.) There'd be another round of sick jokes on the Kennedy family.

So why should I care if I'm not a 'real' American?"


As I understand, it, "elitism" usually means something like "I went to Yale, therefore I'm better than you" or "I'm from San Francisco, so I'm better than you hicks".

But aren't the Republicans promoting a similar idea? That "I'm from a small town, therefore I'm better than New Yorkers." Isn't that the same sort of elitism they've been railing against?


They've been talking about "small town values" for a while, but I hadn't heard this "real America" bullshit.

That's it. I'm voting for Obama. Since the Republicans don't seem to be that interested in representing all of the people in this country, they shouldn't be given the chance to do so.

vito excalibur

As always, Kung Fu Monkey nailed it:

Four million people in the US play World of Warcraft. And yet, do I ever hear:

ANDERSON: We stopped by the gates of Ogrimmar in Durotar, on the east coast of Kalimdor, where one local told us Hollywood just can't relate to the level-grinding life.

UNIDENTIFIED ORC: They've never been back here, questing Razormane or Drygulch Ravine, y'know ... or farming for Peacebloom and Silverleaf. They're out of touch.

No. No I do not.

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