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I've been enjoying your insightful posts for a year and I am positive with most of them but this one is a real YES.
I've lived in LasVegas and visited the entire Nev/Utah/Arizona/NM area and SanteFe and OLD Alberqurque/NM are the prettiest places around.
Hope you get back there soon.


My guess from this post is that you're going to really love Israel! Our landscapes look very much like this.
So if you ever choose to visit, know that your local fan club will be delighted :-)

Seriously, though -- I know you don't know me, but I've read enough of your thoughts by now to know that you and Ingrid are warmly welcome in our place anytime!


Next time you're out there, don't miss Ten Thousand Waves. As an expat New Mexican I make an effort to get back at least once a year.


I live 45 minutes south of Santa Fe and I love, love, love it! The way it blends in with the surroundings is amazing; even the new buildings do.

So glad to see you enjoyed it. I haven't been there often enough and now I'm desperate to go back.

the chaplain

Thanks for the information. I've been wanting to go to NM for a long time. This post has inspired me to be more deliberate about making it happen soon.


I live in Arizona, and have been all over NM, Utah, Nevada. The beauties out here in the West are amazing, and I'm so glad you got a chance to experience them.

I have a recipe (somewhere) for hot truffles, basically chocolate truffles with cayenne pepper added. They are marvellous. If anyone is interested I'll go dig the recipe out.

Laura Upstairs

Glad to see you are spreading the word about Kakawa. I feel positively evangelical about the place, as you know (not that it takes that much effort to convince you guys to go somewhere if chocolate is involved)!

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