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Felicia Gilljam

So, while we're on tv series, have you seen Tell Me You Love Me? If so, what did you think of it?

Paul Crowley

Of course you need conflict for TV, but I've always been nervous that TV drama about non-monogamy would lean much too hard on jealousy as a source of conflict, because it's what viewers would expect. As I'm sure you appreciate, there are many other ways that people can clash in (say) a poly network - I'd like to see "how dare you break up with my boyfriend" conflict, for example.

How much does Swingtown get this one right?

nina hartley

I haven't watched "Diary," as I'm generally bored with MSM's take on sex work.

I have watched all the episodes of "Swingtown," though, and have been very pleasantly surprised, if not astounded, at the evenhandedness of the network's (CBS, for god's sake!) take on it. I've been a swinger for over 20 years and have known people like each of the couples shown in the series so far.

I don't care that there's not much sex in "Swingtown." I like that the situations are suggested instead of shown full on. I like that they spend a lot of time on emotions, and that situations are allowed to play out for several episodes, as they do in real life. I like how people are full characters and not so much cartoon cutouts. I like the advice, overall, that Trina gives out. More than once, I've turned to Ernest and said, "I wonder if the writers have been to one of my workshops?" Or maybe they just read the source material, like "Open Marriage.'

I like how swinging is not portrayed as trouble-free. The pandora's box aspect of opening up a marriage is certainly shown here. I like how the kid's story lines are being drawn, especially the daughter's dismay and disgust at what her parents are doing.

I really liked the episode where all six went to the cabin for the weekend. Very believable action there, both physically and emotionally.

I have the last episode recorded and will watch it tonight, but I hope it comes back for a second season!

I picked a copy of the book that inspired "Secret Diary of a call girl" before I went on my holidays and I was really positively surprised how this book contains realistic accounts of SM. Not so much from her work sessions (where she also does mild domination), but from her personal life. Belle's sex life before she starts working as a prostitute is told in flashbacks and she also describes how she gets into kinky sex and how it feels like for her.
It's worth checking out the blog too:

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