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Tim Walters

Just for the paleotheomusicological record, Marian and I wrote the Mary/cherry/beri-beri verse.




I got an honourable mention? Glee!

Claire B

Oh my... I'm the first runner up? Really? So happy!

And with so many really good things on there, too!

Many congrats to Cuttlefish for a well deserved win! (Thinks: if it wasn't for you I might have won! I shall find and kill you!)

Ohhh... Did I say that last part out loud?

Seth Manapio

I'm so glad I decided to add that last verse... when you sing it, try to throw in a high sliding country harmony on the "stripperrrrrs" up in heaven.

That's how it sounds in my head.

Congrats to Cuttlefish!

Pierce R. Butler

No matter if your poetry is the best thing since sliced bread - once Cuttlefish shows up, you're toast!


Thanks for my Honorable Mention. Just for the record, I was somewhat inspired by having visited the ruins of the Vestal Virgins' temple and house in the Forum Romanum, which -- quite appropriately -- were being excavated only by female archaeologists. Very cute female archaeologists.


Late contribution:

Let us raise a glass to Bacchus, be participants not gawkers. Mere bacchantes cannot shock us and there's one reserved for me.

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