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And now, for a well-balanced chi, let's see a video with all of the Obama campaign ads' lies.

pretty please?

Carl Baker

Try - they do a pretty good job of exposing all of the lies....

Greta Christina
And now, for a well-balanced chi, let's see a video with all of the Obama campaign ads' lies.


Here's why.

One: According to an independent "truth in politics" fact- checking website,, Obama's campaign ads have been significantly more truthful than McCain's. They rate Obama with (as of this writing) 43 true statements, 26 mostly true, 26 half true, 15 barely true, 20 false, and only 1 "pants on fire" lie.

McCain's ads, on the other hand, are rated thus: 26 true statements, 24 mostly true, 19 half true, 27 barely true, 24 false, and 6 -- count 'em, 6 -- "pants on fire" lies.

That's a significantly worse record.

I'm not saying that Obama is a perfect, or perfectly honest, candidate. I'm saying that McCain is much, much worse. I'm saying that lying has become a hallmark of McCain's campaign... so much so that even Fox News and Karl Rove have called him on it.

Two, and rather more to the point: This is my blog. I am not the New York Times or any other mainstream news source, and while I aspire in my political writing to be fair and accurate, I do not aspire to be, or pretend to be, objective and non- partisan. The purpose of my writing about this Presidential campaign is not to present a balanced and objective look at the news. It is to persuade people to vote for Obama and not for McCain. It is to show what a truly disastrous thing it would be for this country if McCain were elected President.

if I write something (or link to something) that's inaccurate or misleading, by all means, please call me on it. But if you want to see an anti-Obama piece for every anti-McCain piece I write, then do your own legwork.

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