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Let's all worship sex
In generations it creates the next
Enjoying it has the fundies vexed
And that's good enough for me!


I've never been much of a poet, nor am I familiar with the song, but I'll give this a try anyway. I'm going to cheat a little and use Greta's line...

Have you heard of Russel's Teapot?
It's impossible to see, but
I have faith that it's in orbit
That's good enough for me

Hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster
But you had better listen mister
Don't try to cover him with muenster
That's not okay with me!


How could I forget the IPU?

The Invisible Pink Unicorn
Blessed be her holy alicorn
Under her gaze, none will be forlorn
That's good enough for me

Cryptic Philosopher a/k/a Dave

We give thanks to mighty Ceres,
with her shredded wheat and Cheeri-
o's that make our bowels so clear. You
know that's good enough for me.

Hope you don't mind if I cross-post a little.


A humble tribute to the joint goddess of the springs here in Bath, UK. I'm still trying to think of rhymes for Sulis.

Let us worship Minerva
Study with religious fervour
Then go kill those who don't serve her -
Hell, that's wise enough for me!


From Scandinavia, a little Norse mythology:

Let the Christians go a-wailing
To Valhalla we’ll go sailing
Every evening we’ll be ale-ing
Yea, that’s good enough for me!

Every day we’ll play at war
Then with Wodan, Frey and Thor
Eat the resurrected boar
Hey, that’s good enough for me!

Heaven's harps are far too quiet!
Fighting giants? That's a riot!
Meat and ale's a balanced diet
now, that's good enough for me!


Let's all follow the FSM
At his motives who can guess 'em?
Beer and strippers, he will bless 'em
And that's good enough for me

Pantheism's not at odds
With the old established gods
Its made up of odds and sods
And that's good enough for me

No religion has a corner
Now let's worship Brothers Warner
Though their Sister's kinda orner-y
They're good enough for me


Let us worship reason
Each and every season
Live lives of joy and pleasin'
It's good enough for me.


In the dark and at his leisure,
The Great Green Arkleseizure
Is a universal sneezer—
That's snot good enough for me!


Let's all follow Cthulu
His siren song calls me and you-oo
He'll make us watch Friends on Hulu


(If you actually like Friends, feel free to substitute "Glenn Beck" for it above. In fact, I kind of wish I had used that in the original line.)


oh that ole god quetzalcoatl found a virgin he could throttle , stuffed her heart down ina bottle and that's good enough fer me,,, (i cant believe i knew a verse no one else had touched on lol )

Michael price

Now the great god Thor is
Promising a bunch of houris
Only if we die in war-IRS

And that's good enough for me

Let's get things more animated with "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzamia"

Well the summer is so screwy
And I know that it is true-y
It will end when Haruhi
Says that's good enough for me.

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