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Okay, I'm not old enough to get this entirely I think. I think that man may be somewhat impaired.

I found myself unable to help laughing at the turbine though. Like, "Hey, maybe in this turbine!" Did a good job of making sentences, I think that made it more funny than just random words.


Okay, I'll admit that I am old enough to remember when this song first hit the airwaves!!! I was a senior in HS. Joe Crocker!!! YESSSS!!! And I've still got his 45's!!!

And my other fav song by him of course is "You Are So Beautiful, To Me." If you haven't heard it, here's the vid:

Now. I think my favorite subtitle was the 50's-looking Dad in his laid-down Fedora waving from the side of his gas-guzzling 1958 Buick? Pontiac? Which probably got about 6 or 7 miles to the gallon. But with gas at $0.27 per, who cared? But it reminded of my Dad too.

Thanks for this Greta, this was a total HOOT! You've made my day!!!

Donna Gore

HAHAHAHA as if I didn't have enough trouble controlling my bladder!! If you're over 50, trust me......put on some depends before you watch this!! I am definitely old enough to remember this performance!! I was 14 when Woodstock came out. I also remember how Belushi used to spoof him on SNL. Do you remember that? Cocker was on SNL and Belushi walked out on the stage and stood next to him doing his impression. It was priceless. That moment is burned into my memory forever.


"Oh liver!"


My favorite line is "All I need is my butt and I."

That's, like, deep man.

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