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Oh, but if logic is not valid, as my funda-demented-alist friends insist, then all taboos can simultaneously be The Last Taboo.

David D.G.

The discounting of business-class seats on airplanes is probably the preantepenultimate taboo.


~David D.G.

Bill Brent

And here I thought the last taboo was singing the Monty Python "Spam Spam Spam Spam" song at top volume while being shtupped by a well-hung vegan.

I guess I spent too long in the Bay Area.



You !!


So...this kinda begs the question, what was the first taboo?

I hope it wasn't cookies.


More importantly what is The Next Taboo? I want to put them into some sort of order from first to last but sort of forgot where I was after Reefer Madness.

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