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I read your article and appreciate your comments about now having to throw out the old and start over. From my 20's and into my early 40's sex was fairly traditional, fun and by standards now, boring. Get naked, get her wet, make sure she has her orgasm and then shoot. I am now 51 years old, married to my 49 year old wife and we are doing things that I never thought I would get out of my brain. It is no longer sex but an adventure. For the past 8 years it has been a life of trying to find the right moment to make sure the kids are not around for at least two hours and never with someone in the house as it can get noisy. I just love it when my wife says, "What do you want to do tonight?" She is not asking me if I want to get laid but how do you want to get laid. Ropes, straps, handcuffs, canes, leather cuffs, do we need anal lube tonight dear?, rimming, how much massage oil do we have left, what toys have we not used in a while, etc. etc. One night she asked me if we had a butt plug and I got the only one out we had and after carefully and lovingly inserting it she asks if I have anything in the kit that is bigger. Next day I got on the computer and had the joy of ordering her two bigger sizes. Almost blew my load ordering them. Never in a million years did I think I would hear that. Her orgasms are more powerful and our lovemaking is long, tender, physical and much more enjoyable. Her fantasy of having another woman in bed with her is just around the corner and it will not make me jealous as long as I get my 30 minutes of performing with my tounge. Keep telling us how you are doing and where you are going with your adventures.

Agnis Franklin

A good reminder, sex is an amazing thing. I love how things are always changing for my partner and myself. We haven't done anything particularly racy, but we do love experimenting with toys (and once in a while bringing in a friend). Always remember to try new things!!

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