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Brian Larnder

Great job Greta! If this were in Canada the Humanist Symposium could have been legally drunk two installments ago.

The Ridger

Great job, Greta (hee, I actually typed Greta job, Great!)


thanks. Good one.

The Uncredible Hallq

Wow... I feel special, for fitting in so well with the maturity theme without even trying.

Oh, and Adam Lee reminds me to congratulate you on the wedding!


Great job with this one. I love the cocktail theme!

King Aardvark

Haha, you Americans are lame. 21 drinking age - how quaint. This reminds me of the Staal brothers - NHL hockey stars who got arrested for underage drinking while at the elder's bachelor party in the States. They are from Thunder Bay, ON, and had already been drinking legally in their own country for years.

That said, Europeans probably think we Canadians are lame. Europe: Where the drinking age is "born".

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