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Oh, did the White Rats wear their ceremonial bells? And how did they make that fit with the black & white theme?

Anyway, nice essay. I put it briefly as "I'm not expecting a reward at the end of my life. Life *is* the reward."


Godless spirituality seems to be a trend this week. I wonder what's up with that. :)

I like these kinds of moments.

Allienne Goddard

I wanted to note that the Earth probably has about 5.5 billion more years of decent sunny goodness. Y'know, just in case someone is making plans for a picnic 150 million years from now, I wanted to reassure them that the sun wouldn't likely be a problem. As for the ultimate end of the universe, I will let whatever humanity becomes, or whatever other lifeforms humanity creates, worry about that. It is pretty impossible to imagine the power humanity will have in 50 years, much less 50 million.

Oz Atheist

So, Morris Dancing is to become the 'dance de jure' for atheists?

A good sentiment though: for no good reason - other than to have a good time and be nice to each other.

Greta Christina

"Oh, did the White Rats wear their ceremonial bells?"

No, the Rats didn't bell up for this event. I think -- although I am not sure -- that they only do that for Rat-specific gigs, which this didn't really count as.

And so now I have to ask: Eclectic, how on earth do you know the Rats?!? We must move in more similar circles than I'd thought.


Boy I wish I could see Tiffany too because all those costumes were fabulous, and hardly to be outdone. Thanks for cluing me in on a personal mystery (the answer is Morris Dance), and now I'm off to find out more.


That was seriously beautiful. The world needs more dancing (and a lot else besides) for the pure joy of it.

That is a damned good reason - perhaps the best reason of all.


wow this actuly made me cry. I such a sap, but you got it, you put it in to words, did so well. Be proud.

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