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Since you've been posting about blogging a bit lately (metablogging?), and I respect your opinion... what do you think about submitting a post to two different carnivals at the same time?

I notice a few people do it (having the same post on say Carnival of the Skeptics and Carnival of the Liberals or something like that), and it doesn't bother me when I see it, but I feel uneasy about doing it.

Assuming the content is directly relevant to both, what's your feeling?

Greta Christina

I may not be the best person to ask this of, efrique. I am a total carnival submission slut. I will submit to anyone, any time. I'll even submit more than once in the same place.

Okay. That sentence came out a little differently than I'd originally intended...

But since you asked me: I don't have a problem with it. I've hosted carnivals, and I don't care one way or the other if the posts in my carnival have been in other carnivals. If you're concerned about it, you should ask the carnival hosts or organizers; but I've never heard any carnival host or organizer mention this as a problem. The main issue that they seem to be concerned with is relevance.

As a matter of strategy, as a blogger I sometimes have to consider whether it's really best to put one post in multiple carnivals if those carnivals are read by a lot of the same people. But if I have an unusually good or special post that I really want to be widely read (or if I don't have anything else that's relevant for a particular carnival), then I go for it. And I don't see anything wrong with it.


"consider whether it's really best to put one post in multiple carnivals if those carnivals are read by a lot of the same people"

Yeah, point definitely taken there.

Thanks for that!


Hey efrique, I run Carnival of the Liberals and I personally have no problem with someone submitting their post to CotL and other carnivals at the same time. Nobody has the time to read everything on every blog they're interested in, and that applies to blog carnivals too (especially high volume carnivals like Carnival of the Godless). So submit away because someone might give your post a pass when they see it in one carnival but decide to read it when they see it in another carnival.

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