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Steve Caldwell

The one bit of humor in the series often comes with Baltar and the virtual Number Six.

In the producer - director commentary for one of early BSG episodes, they comment on how funny James Callis was as Baltar.

They didn't intentionally intend for his role to be humorous but they started writing it with a more humorous slant as the series evolved.


It does get funnier as it goes along, I think, too. Just takes a while for the characters to get comfortable with that aspect.


I agree... humor is essential.

Have you seen any of Dexter? It is dark and funny and creepy and funny... and well, your entry made me think of it.

Love the blog! Thanks!


I actually noticed this too, but coming from a different angle. I was reading up on some of the producers' commentary, and one of the things they mentioned was about the 12 humanoid Cylon models. They were supposed to represent the 12 archetypes of humanity, as if the Cylons looked at humans and said, "You know what? There's only 12 of you."

So I started looking at all the different Cylons, including the ones that are revealed after where you are in watching it, and I noticed that the archetype of the the comedian was completely absent (and I trust it won't show up in future revealed models, as it just isn't dramatic at this point). So either the Cylons screwed up and missed out a big part of humanity... or the writers did.

J. J. Ramsey

"Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down" was sort of a comic relief episode. Actually, it had me howling. Then again, maybe that made you notice just how rare laughs are on BSG.

the chaplain

I agree that BSG is really lacking in the humor dept. I like the series, but the characters generally are too intense.


There are bits of humor in part of the later parts of the series. I don't think its giving much away to say that a) we still don't know who *all* of the 12 are, and b) some of them are less serious than others. But, is any one the "comedian"? Probably not. We don't exactly see comedy clubs on the fleet either, even if we do sometimes see hints of humor here an there. You may be right that its "overlooked", but at the same time, its a grim existence, and what humor is likely to show up *will* be very dark, on those occasions it happens.


I think you nailed the reason I haven't been able to get into it. It's just too intense all the time. There are a lot of things I like about the show, but overall it's jsut too grim.


Just wondering what you are thinking about BSG's take on religion and mythology. It's a major part of the series and one that frequently irritates me.

Alan S

Call me crazy, by maybe civilization being nearly obliterated and having to constantly be on the run from a race of nasty androids who want to kill of the remains of humanity just isn't very funny?

James Callis can be hysterical - indeed, his character is often the counter to very grim proceedings, to the point of being comical. But you're halfway through season 2, surely you've noticed Baltar's flailings by now.

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