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How'd he get baba ron out there by the water in shorts??

Greta Christina

Weirdly enough, that's my dad. And yes, the resemblance to Ronzo is eerie. We have a photo from our wedding of the two of them together, and they look so much alike it's unsettling.


Wow! That's amazing..good word on kicking the pneumonia. I'm thinking by June i'll be better as well. Last thing I remember was them saying, "You're going to feel like you took a shot of tequila.." Then after a moment of me laying there eyes wide open, they said, "Hmm..looks like you need another.

A bottle of oxycodone later and I'm still hurting. Never realized the clavicle twists essentially during any motion generated above the waist. So when it has a four inch fixed pin running through it, every twist, turn and lift pits sore, refusing, semi-malleable bone against solid, cold steel.

It's still great though all around. Disability ain't bad. Funny, General denies me over a $20 X-Ray copay bill, and St. Mary's totally absolves 30,000 in surgery bills. I got the letter today: $0.00

Depending upon one's worldview i'm lucky and/or blessed!

and you're paps seems like a cool, old-fashioned american hippie dad, like mine

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