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Tracy Canfield

I wish you both every happiness!


Now if only Angelina Jolie would come out and profess her love for me it would all be complete! I loved your article too...but I still love AJ..

Kit Whitfield

Congratulations, and well said.

From a heterosexual point of view, there's a tremendous advantage to same-sex marriage being recognised as well. As long as Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman, in effect, straight people are co-opted on the basis of their sexuality into an institution that's being used to oppress their fellow-citizens. And that sucks. I like the idea of getting married, I don't like the idea of treating gay people as not-full-citizens, and I don't like to feel that by doing one, I'll be tacitly participating in the other. (I'm not such a martyr that I'd refuse to marry until gay marriage is legalised all over - there are better ways to make your point, and that would inconvenience no one but me and my partner - but I'd be much happier if my gay friends could marry too. Then marriage could be one happy party for all of us.)

Because, in the end, hetero-only marriage insults all of us. It insults gay people most, of course, but it's insulting to heteros too. I want the right to marry because I'm an adult and a citizen, not because my personal tastes happen to tend towards a lifestyle of which traditionalists approve. I don't want my rights to be dependent on my orientation. I want the right to marry a woman if I wish, even if I never avail myself of it; that recognises the free choice I make if I marry a man.

Turning marriage into a let's-exclude-the-queers club degrades it. It's high time the law recognised that gay and bi people are citizens too.

I wish you and your dear wife a long and happy marriage. :-)



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