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Steven Alleyn

Hell, I'm in a relationship with a girl who does take care of the contraception, and I'd go for that - because two layers of protection is better than one and three is better than two.


As a single man myself, I can definitely say I sure as fuck would like a male pill for that exact reason, in addition to the fact that (as stated above) two forms of protection against pregnancy are better than one. After all, it's not just a question of trustworthiness, it's also a question of 'Even if this person I want to have sex with *is* on birth control, have they been taking it consistently and correctly?'.

I've actually seriously considered just getting a vasectomy for the above reasons, and hoping that my relative lack of desire to have kids at this point stays true for the rest of my life (or at least until I'm filthy rich enough to shell out the money for vasectomy reversal). I decided it wasn't worth the risk I'd change my mind about kids, but the decision was not by much of a margin.


There'd have to be a market somewhere between the 'single and screwing around' and 'long term comitted sensible couple' too... What about young couples who might be looking for double protection?

I know I can't be trusted to take the damn thing on time, and accordingly I wouldn't want to trust anyone else to take it on time. Two people, two pills: less likely to find yourself unprotected at any time.


RE: taking responsibility for my actions and the consequences--exactly right on the money, in all circumstances.

Atta girl Greta!


"Besides, I'd want to use condoms anyway -- since the pill doesn't protect against AIDS or other STIs."

While I see your point above, wouldn't a man want to use a condom for the same reason as you?

It seems the market for the male pill has just shrunk to men who want control over their reproduction, have sex with women whom they trust enough not to give them an STD, and prefer flesh-on-flesh sex.


My wife is breastfeeding, and therefore can't take the pill. However, breastfeeding is hardly a sure-fire means of contraception, so we use condoms. Since bareback is better than bagged, it'd be nice if I could take a pill so I could shoot blanks for a while, and not have to worry about painting the spare room something fund and juvenile.


You ask and God delivers.

Greta Christina

arensb, you make a valid point. But I still think there'd be a market for it. After all, aren't there women who use condoms and also use the pill (or an IUD or diaphragm or whatever)?


There's a scene in the comedy series "Coupling" with the main couple in bed. If I'm remembering right, it's presented in flashback, in a conversation between the main female character and one of her friends about how the leading lady has decided she wants kids.

"By the way, what are we doing about birth control?" the guy asks.

The girl replies, "Oh, don't worry about it."

This is presented as funny.

You're damn right I'd want a male pill.


if i had sex with someone i don´t trust enough about contraception, i would definitly rather use a condom


I am mom to two boys, 16 and 20. I've told them from the get-go that they are responsible for their own sexuality. I do know women who have admitted to "trapping" men through pregnancy (with varying degrees of success), and I've told my boys about that. But even more important than the possiblility of their partners lying to them, at day's end, they are responsible for their own sexuality. Whether a partner is on the pill, has condoms, IUD, etc. etc., is beside the point. I've heard the arguments about no market, and maybe that was true twenty years ago. But not today - and it's time the pharmaceuticals caught up.

Jason Horton

I'm a man and I've been in a relationship with for many years. We're done with the having kids thing. The four we have are plenty, neither of us want any more. Neither of us want permanent (or even reversible) surgery to sterilize one of us and my partner doesn't want to take the pill due to the long term health effects. I dislike condoms.

I would be perfectly content to take a male pill assuming that it's side effects weren't too bad.


Hi - I just found your blog 2 days ago via another atheist blog or two and I love it! So many interesting topics.

Anyway, re: this topic - I recently read Margaret Sanger's essay "Birth Control - A Parents' problem or a Woman's?" from Woman and the New Race. She ends this section by saying that it is a woman's issue and always will be and (basically) we should just get used to it. I read this for a feminist theory class and my reply was pretty much what you just said - why would a man want to get stuck anymore than a woman? I don't think her attitude applies to today's world.

Besides, as stated earlier by another commenter, we are all responsible for our own sexuality and reproduction, end of story. Doesn't matter who you are or who you're with.

i got screwed over by a girl i believe was lying about the pill. it's gonna change my whole life. I would give anything to have had total control of the situation by having a male pill at the time.


^ THIS is a good reason for men to have the pill. It's a messed up story, but having a pill would make it impossible for mistakes like this to happen.

gusty for

oh la la !


Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances leading me to get testicular cancer twice, I will always be "shooting blamks". However, before this I would of killed for a male pill, and it is reassuring to know that even if the condom breaks, there's no possibility of an unwanted pregnancy...

Kevin Knowlton

A couple of years ago, my wife and I discovered that hormonal birth control was giving her auras (basically migraines without the headache). They make her feel disoriented, she looses the ability to read text, and occasionally can't even understand speech for anything from a few minutes to an hour. Needless to say, we started using condoms instead, but it would be nice for us and any other couple that had this kind of medical reaction if there was an option for the other partner to take on the task instead.

Jeffrey Soreff

Nice post!
I'm biased on this issue:
I'm childfree. I got a vasectomy back
in 1988, and I view that as the single
best decision that I ever made.
More options are always better, and a
male pill would be a good option to have.
Note, though, that the combination of
storing frozen sperm and a vasectomy has
the same effect, exploits technologies
that already work, and doesn't have the
inevitable safety questions of long
term medications.


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I'm something of an anomaly, but I can't swallow pills without gagging/puking. Not even the itty bitty birth control ones. I know it's mostly a psychological issue, I know I could go to a therapist and fix it most likely (if I could afford it), but honestly it hasn't been a huge deal so far. I get liquid/kid's versions of OTC medications and pharmacies can always compound liquid versions of stuff.

If there was a birth control pill for men, you can be damn sure my husband and I would use it. He can swallow pills without a problem, so that would take the burden off me.

Anony Mouse

As a man, I would be strongly interested in a male birth control pill. I know I want kids someday, but I sure as heck don't want them now. When I do want them, I want them conceived through love and passion, not an artificial insemination. Call me old fashioned, but it is what it is.

Since I'm not in a committed relationship now, my sex life sucks. Not for lack of opportunity, but for the simple fact I have found extremely few people I trust enough to actually be on the pill, and not try to screw me over by getting pregnant on purpose. Call me cynical, but it is what it is.

If I had the opportunity to take a pill for men as reliable as the female version, you bet I would!

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