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David Harmon

Cool... There are certainly some songs that are kinda hallucinatory ("Clouds in my Coffee", say, or half of Kate Bush's stuff. Does that count?


That's why I kind of like KT Turnstall's "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree." :)

I always thought the "clouds in my coffee" line in "You're So Vain" had more to do with the def. of dreams as wishful thinking than sleeptime phenomena. Specifically, dreams about the life she wanted with the guy who "gave away the things [he] loved," one of which was the singer.

So IMHO, the "coffee" represents a kind of clear-eyed reality, whereas her "dreams" are wishful thinking that turned out to be "clouds in [her] coffee" (disillusionment or confusion, methinks).

- Nice bit of depersonalization, lumping herself in with the guy's "things." I think it underscores the guy's smooth or shallow character. So is she being outraged, or just snarky? Both, methinks.

- Even the phrase "gave away" has a multiple meaning: betrayed, revealed, divorced, swapped for another, or...? Here again, the song works on more than one level, and that's part of what makes it great.

Ever notice how trying to interpret a song is like trying to interpret a dream? ;-)



Loved this-I've been trying to train myself out of 'for a reason' thinking. While reading I think I had a breakthru-everything *can* happen for a reason, but it's my job to create the reason in the future- the Project Runway version would be: 'I'm going to take what I learned and become a better designer'
On another note, Boiled in Lead's Army (Dream Song) is quite surrealistic-"...So I found the first Lieutenant, he said 'god they're gonna bomb us from their vicious flying llamas.' I dove into the bomb shelter, I became Charlotte Corday and the battle fell away. And the peace that reigned in upper dreamland was badly negated when the giant slugs invaded..." It's a very good song.


Surely "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" comes closer than most to meeting your criteria?

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