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(Finally succumbed and added your feed to my reader on a whim, and this is what I get first. Certainly not disappointed.)

I have to say, it occurs to me that Rachel's request at the end (to cuddle) might have been just what you were fantasizing about previously, with her pushing the limits for you. It's a bit hard to say though. She could have just needed anyone for support after a sexual experience like that, or she could have felt something for you personally.

Then again, you might have already gone through this analysis yourself. I'll have to wait to read the next part and see.

Greta Christina

I don't actually address the cuddling question in the conclusion, Infophile. So I'll try to answer it here.

Rachel had actually said at the beginning of the session, when she was showing me around and chatting with me, that she often liked to cuddle after a session was over. So I don't think it had anything to do with me particularly. I think it's more likely that she just had a need to cuddle after a submissive session, regardless of who it was with.

Interesting question. Thanks for asking!

C. L. Hanson

Wow, fantastically hot story!!!

For myself, I still think I'd get off more on getting paid for it than paying for it. The desire itself is my favorite treat, so if the other person isn't dying for it and begging for it, then I'll be yawning as well. But it's like you always say -- a well-written scene can be hot even if it's not your kink. :D

Yet, perversely, I feel like I wouldn't have any problem playing the selfish, objectifying role (without even requiring the "you're doing great and getting me off" feedback). If only I weren't happily married an monogamous, I could explore my career options as a pro dom... ;)


What a wonderful experience! Actually that's the first I have ever heard of paying for a submissive to session. Of course the ProDommes. A subject I definitely will look more into. Your session was let's just say after reading it had to relieve some pressure... smiles. And the cuddling thing is after care which I feel is very important after a session but everybody is different. Very cool blog and very informational!

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