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This is hilarity. It is ensuing.

the chaplain

I'm sure that I'll think of you every time I flush the toilet now. :)


Oh yeah? But how do you atheist plumbers explain the widespread devotion (admittedly, mostly among those who've drunk to excess) to the "Porcelain God"? Explain that away, you infidels!

Yes, I know this thread is getting sillier by the minute. :)


Like the age-old conundrum regarding "If a tree falls etc...."

....If I flush a Koran down the toilet, am I a believer, or an infidel?


You clearly fail to incorporate the effects of "Intelligent Falling" in your understanding of God's One True Drain.

(Can't get the link to the Onion article to work properly. Google it.)


You win at interwebz.


Holy shit. LOL


Okay, that's hilarious. Still, I'm surprised you haven't considered the possible sexual overtones of the act of plumbing. So many religious people would seek to suppress this natural and healthy metaphorical expression of, um . . .


Or, as Andrea said, atheist plumbing is when you're trying to fix a leak and water suddenly comes gushing out of the pipe onto everything and you say, "Oh Nobody!"


Damn you, Christina! [shakes fist]

Not only do you steal my plumbing metaphor, but you do a better job with it than I could. Damn you-u-u-u-u!


The "Great Wrench" metaphor reminds me of a Mystery Science Theater quote:

"Science! Big men inserting screwdrivers into things! Turning them! And, adjusting them!"


I've never heard these theories before, I'll have to ask my tutor his opinions on 'athiest plumbing' when I start my plumbing training

Charlotte Thomas

I am teacher with the multicultural students inside the four corners of the classroom. It is really very hard when we tap on the discussion of religions and beliefs. The classroom would be in chaos had there no proper introduction of the topic.

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