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WTF is it with pneumonia these days? You're the third person in my (extended) social circle who's been stricken with it recently. Good luck and heal up soon!

G in INdiana

Hope you get well fast and can stay that way for a long time.

David D.G.

Good grief, first Orac succumbs to "death flu" and now you've got pneumonia?!? Is there a computer virus going around the blogosphere or something?

Take care, Greta, and get well soon.

~David D.G.

David Harmon

Good luck shaking off the bug, and I hope yu feel better soon.

King Aardvark

Get better soon, Greta.


Get well soon, Greta! I wish you a quick recovery!


Never underestimate the wonderful luxury of being able to laugh grimly.

Hope you feel better.


Get Well Soon!

Dave Haaz-Baroque

Get well soon!

You know, I know this homeopathic medicine that could help (ha ha)



Get well soon!


Hope you feel better soon.


Whoa, take it easy and get well!


Get well soon!

J. J. Ramsey

David D.G.: "Good grief, first Orac succumbs to 'death flu' and now you've got pneumonia?!?"

You took the words right out of my mouth. It had to happen to a couple of the, IMHO, sanest bloggers out there, didn't it? :(

Normally I don't like doing "me, too" posts, too, but I think "Get Well Soon" posts ought to be an exception. So then ...

Get well soon!

the chaplain

Take care of yourself and get well soon.

Oz Atheist

At least you are sensible enough to seek proper modern medical attention, unlike these idiots:

Get well soon.


While you are recovering, here is a BBC Radio 4 program, "The Greek Myths". From the program "In Our Time". Entertaining and enlightening.

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