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True story: the first time I saw American Pie (and possibly the only time, too), I misheard Michelle's infamous line: "And then, this one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my pussy". For the first five seconds, I thought she'd said... lute.

I'm into baroque music. I suppose that's why.


Why am I the only perosn who likes this movie? Or am I just the only person who amdit to liking this movie?



When I first saw American Pie, I couldn't have been more than 13 or so, and I think I completely missed the entire point of it - and with good reason. After that, though, I seriously believed that parts of it were sweet - and that other parts were horribly, grotesquely, monstrously over-the-top and did not match real life at all. Which is okay; that's why it's a movie.

The star of the fourth movie - Band Camp? - I went to high school with him. Lil' ol' Q-town, IL. Tad's a pretty cool guy - or was, at least. Don't know what he's like now.

And where have all the stars (minus Jason Biggs) of American Pie gone? They've all either done nothing but indie flicks, or a bunch of stuff that's in production. I <3 IMDB.


Oh, yeah, and:

After this movie, I could never tell anyone that I was a flute player again.

Also, we had band camp every August before school started.

Too bad nothing this hilarious ever happened there.

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