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Cubik's Rube

Awesome stuff.

I still, all too often, tend to hear a story like the American Idol thing, only half-listen because I don't watch the show and have no idea who the guy is, and assume "Oh look, it's another sex scandal"... and miss what would be the obvious reaction if I were paying attention, which is: wait, what scandal? Because honestly, what's he being charged with here? If they're going to decide that it's inappropriate to allow anyone on a family TV show who's ever been naked for someone else's enjoyment, then boy are a lot of jobs going to have to go.

Greta Christina

"Because honestly, what's he being charged with here?"

He's not being charged with anything. On American Idol, contestants are voted on (and hence voted off) by the viewers. Basically, it was discovered that the guy had been a stripper; it was big news in the gossip columns and blogs; and the guy was voted off the next week. Whether it's because he was a male stripper or a lousy singer is anyone's guess.

Cubik's Rube

Sorry, "accused of" might have been a better phrase there - I know there's no criminal charges being made, I was just honestly puzzling over the substance of the allegations, or lack thereof.

(And I guess I was still only half paying attention, as I'd had the idea that there was a more direct connection between the details of his "scandalous" past and his departure from the show. D'oh.)

Blake Stacey

If you get to feeling better and want a scandal to write about, this might yield something interesting:

[ABC News story "Race Car Boss' Nazi Sex Scandal: Max Mosley Allegedly Caught on Video Role-Playing Guard and Inmate", 31 March]

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