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C. L. Hanson

I love that book!!! :D


Ah I love Alison Bechdel. Mostly via Fun Home but I've recently gotten into DTWOF.

I saw her at Old Navy once... thats my Alison Bechdel story.


Just for jollies I did that meme in my Feb 19 entry even though nobody tagged me and I didn't tag anybody. So you may consider me retroactively tagged.

the chaplain

I did this meme in my February 26 entry about Eleanor of Aquitaine, an ass-kicking woman who had a tremendous influence of medieval European history. (Reports are that, among other things, she really enjoyed sex).

Jon Berger

"If the court concludes that the source of the bail bond is a product of criminal activity, the bail must not be accepted or, if already accepted, must be returned. The reason for not allowing bail to be posted that is the product of criminal activity is that the primary purpose of bail is to provide a financial incentive for the defendant to appear in court. The strength of this incentive depends on the defendant's commitment to assets pledged as bail."

From "California Criminal Law: Practice and Procedure." Oh, you're not supposed to play this game in the office?

J. J. Ramsey

Chronicles of the Lensmen, Vol. 2:

"Welcome, stranger! Glad to see you--have you a good trip?" The dive-keeper always greeted new customers effusively. "Have a drink on the house!"

"Business before pleasure," Kinnison replied, tersely.


I love it too. Although my favorite line is (this is from memory, so let's hope):

"Please. Can't you see I'm disarticulating the epistemological foundation of gender through deferral and deconstruction of fixed sexual signifiers."

I made an effort to memorize that because it's such great socio-babble.



I replied to your Friendly Atheist post. I really liked your comment, and at first I agreed with you, but after a little thought, changed my mind. Anyway, didn't want to reproduce the whole thing here and annoy you.

Dr. Cheese

PS this is Drew again. I like this SN better, but I didn't want to confuse you when you were looking for my post on Friendly Atheist..

Is it just me or am I writing like a 7-year-old? I need to go to bed. But I wanted to do your book thing.

My first book only had 91 pages. It was "Escape from Reason" by Schaeffer. My second book is a thriller: Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy by Dyce.

"The mesojejunum and mesoileum together constitute the (great) mesentery of adult anatomy. Most portions of the dorsal mesentery persist in more or less unmodified form (at least in the dog) but the mesogastria have a more complicated fate dictated by the later development of the stomach. The dorsal mesogastrium becomes drawn out and folded on itself during development and is then known as the greater omentum.


From the book, "Lies My Teacher Told Me," Second Edition.

"As Edward Carr noted, 'History is, by and large, a record of what people did, not of what they failed to do.' On the other hand, making the present seem inevitable robs history of all its life and much of its meaning. History is contingent upon the actions of people."


From "The Sibly Field Guide To Birds": "When flushed, takes off with a loud burst of wingbeats; often heard but not seen. Male 'drumming' display an accelerateing series of muffled thumps produced by beatng wings, like a distant motor syarying. Voice: Both sexes give clucking notes." The Ruffed Grouse was the bird described.

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