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My name is Rob, and I just wanted you to know that I voted for you in the "Sexiest Blogger" poll. I did this because of your confidence. I don't know of very many people who would be willing to blog about their sex life and experiences, and I appreciate the fact that you do. Your advice has helped in my own sex life, so I just wanted to say thank you.

Oz Atheist

Hi Greta, for what it's worth, you get my vote.


Nah, stick with the Revolution photo; it's original.

I voted for you, but thank goodness there are many more than 7 atheist bloggers on the Internet; then the theocrats really would win.

C. L. Hanson

LOL, it looks like we've kept the theocrats from winning this round!!! :D

At the moment it's between Hemant and P.Z., but you're holding your own in third place. The funny thing for me is that I thought the majority of atheist blog readers were straight guys, but the two female candidates together have only about 30% of the vote so far. It's nice to see that modern guys are secure enough in their masculinity that they're okay with voting for a man as "sexiest"!! :D

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