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Executed Today

Now that's hosting a carnival.

Wait -- there are links here, too?!


This is kick ass, hands down the best carnival ever. And thanks for including me!


Brilliant! I'm dancing like Uma Thurman playing Mia Wallace right now! Great links, good reading. And sod, they just don't make literature like they used to do they? Some of these modern chick-lits really need to lift their game and their skirts... thanks so much! :)


What a truly impressive carnival! You've really set a new standard with this one. Excellent job.

Blake Stacey

/me is confused: so, you're saying that Satan is a lesbian in a man's body?

Spanish Inquisitor

Jeez, Greta. I come to work, on a Sunday no less, to try to get some things done in preparation for the next week, and now you distract me with this! That's so unfair. You know I don't have the willpower to resist blowing off work and reading all this good stuff today. (Hmmm. Maybe if a switch to the clean version, I can get some work done.)

However...Enquiring minds need to know: Are the book covers from your personal collection?

The Ridger



Not only the best carnival yet, but the pulp-fiction artwork was a fabulous touch. Bravo!


Greta, you are the master. The bloody bees knees.

Justin McKean

I'm lovin' the pimp pulp images, kiddo. Awesome.

Oh, the carnival is great, too.


frankly, this is the best carnivore - sorry, carnival - I have seen. The first one where I looked up all the links. In addition, I found some new reading material if I can find the books.


(James summarizes it thus: "He says he was drunk when he wrote this. Me? I say he's speaking with a clarity we should all enjoy.")

A minor correction? The guy's name is James, the fellow who sent the link - that'd be me - is named Robin.

Nevertheless, an excellent roundup, and thanks for posting my recommendation, eh?


Awesome in all possible ways; in fact, I think I'm heading to Cameron's tomorrow to prowl through the old paperbacks in search of some artistic cover gems to call my own. One minor quibble, though: God didn't call the Giants' QB's mom home. David Tyree is a wide receiver, not a quarterback... I'm a Giants fan, and for a minute there I thought Eli Manning's mom died and nobody told me about it. Yikes!

Stephen Thomas

The URL has changed for Rational Apologetics, so if you could change the above link regarding "Prayer Doesn't Work" to , that would be awesome.

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