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Mazel Tov, sweetie.

C. L. Hanson

Darnit, I was just about to email you for details about submission guidelines -- I just had a couple of fabulous ideas for some short-subject erotic comics. I even started the sketches...

Oh well, I guess this means I have plenty of time to finish them up for next years' edition. ;)

Congrats on getting it finished -- it sounds fantastic!!! I assume you'll be posting about how to order copies (including shipping to Europe)...?

Greta Christina

Actually, C.L., I'm just now finishing up my decision process about the 2009 edition. So if you got a submission to me in the next week or so, there'd still be time. And if you can't make it by then, there's always 2010...

You can order the book from the publisher, Last Gasp, and they'll ship to Europe. The link is in the post, but here it is again:

And you can also order it from Powell's or Amazon -- including Amazon in the U.K. or France. (And presumably other Amazons -- I only checked those two.)

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