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Johnny Bacardi

1960, please!

It was The Apartment, by the way, which I've never seen...


Would you do '58? :)


1971, please!


Can you add 1969, please?


Oh fantastic. You should expand on this and get it published. You could add some arbitrary dates to sub categorise it and include best soundtrack, best actor, Oscar host, etc. I mean people sell horoscope books by the bucketful and yours are just as (if not more) accurate. At least I'm interpreting it in that way as a Patton\Sagittarius\Dog. :)

Greta Christina

1958, 1960, 1969, and 1971 are now all up. Woo-hoo!

the chaplain

I'd like 1984, my oldest son's birth year. You've covered the rest of my family.

I agree that you should work on this and publish it. I can see a fun market niche for this idea, something like Winnie the Pooh and the Philosophers, or the Science of Star Trek, etc.


Wow! You got me dead on. NOT! lol

Just a note, this would work "far" better using real statistical data on what people "today" think/act like, based on the year they are born. I.e., don't just make stuff up, and hope some people fall for it. The real trick is to tell people what they want to hear, based on what you know about how they think. And, as a rule, there are clear differences in perception, based on key factors in a persons lives, and when they had them. For example, is someone that saw Star Wars as a child going to be effected the "same" or differently than someone watching it at 25?

Good con artists cheat, every chance they get, using psychology, statistics, etc. Some just have minds like Rosie O'Donald's, but for odd statistical data and observed facts, instead of every theme song every written. They naturally mix those bits and pieces together to make fairly accurate projections. Same with the people that are "good" at faking talking to dead people.

Astrology tries to be astoundingly vague, thus hit more people. But, astrologers can't all come up with 100% identical charts, because the con artists that use it a) are not using a real science to do that, and b) its more effective to talk to some fool for an hour or so, getting bits of information from them, and thus allowing them to "build" a more complex web of gibberish. And, every person that has ever been a teen knows that the prior generation thinks nothing like them, and has both hangups and assumption they consider plain stupid. I.e., they *do* have a clear set of ideas that most of them believe in, and if you have that data, and can pin down their age, then you could build the same chart you tried here, using other movies, and have like 90% of them people go, "Wow! That's me exactly!"

unordinary person

For 1980/Ordinary People you forgot to mention that they are overrated and prone to unintentionally hilarious melodrama.

Ranting Daddy

How about 1974? Please? Thanks! (I believe it was The Godfather Part II. I'm certainly glad it wasn't Part III!)

Johnny Bacardi

Well, honk my hooter- that description for The Apartment (1960) describes me pretty well!

I think you may have stumbled on to something here.

Disclaimer: I do not know Greta, unfortunately, nor does she know me. Just for the record...

Robert Madewell

I'm an Oliver! Never seen it. Though your description does describe me very well. So, does a few other movies as well. However, I can ignore those because I wasn't born in those years! Hey, it is just like asstrology!


Ah, excellent! Like most such astrology lists, I can find matches in every single sign.

Donna Gore

RATS. I thought this was gonna be a blog about Oscar Wilde!
Oh well, it was fun, anyway!!
Quite a creative idea.

P.S. Gandhi was a racist.

C. L. Hanson

Yay, I got "The French Connection"!!! Of course the description is absolutely nothing like me, except, of course, the connection with France...

On the other hand, regular astrology failed me just as absurdly. I got "Virgo" the virgin. Hello???!!!


1977 please?

Greta Christina

Okay. 1974, 1977, and 1984 are all up now.


Around the World in 80 Dayses are adventurous, gregarious, creative people who actively seek out new experiences. Its an awesome post!

Ian Lazdeck

This is great! The lady in the cubuicle next to me is obsessed with astrology, and I'm thinking of passing this off as a serious horoscope to her to see how she reacts to it. If she buys it and then I gently let her in on the joke, maybe she'll realize that critical thinking might be important. I get sooooo tired of listening to her tell everyone "oh, well that makes perfect sense because you're a (insert stupid astrological sign here)" every time they tell her something about their lives. Once, while a few of us were describing our relationships with our parents and siblings, she told me all about how I interact with my family and she couldn't have been further off the mark if she tried. Funny thing is, your made-up system describes me MUCH better than hers!!! (I'm an aries / tiger /Godfather Part II) Thanks for all you do. Your blog kicks serious ass!


Oy. I sent this to some friends, and everyone loved it except my girl from 1965 because she wasn't represented. Divine for us, Mistress Greta Christina! Best Picture was The Sound Of Music.

Greta Christina

1965 is up. Tell me how your friend likes it, Noxx!

And I've been communing with the spirits, and have updated versions of 1961 and 1972 as well.

Allienne Goddard

This is an amusing post, and I agree that you are on to something. But rather than turn it into some predictive system based on date, you might suggest that if you like these movies it suggests you may possess the qualities you describe. In other words, we are drawn to movies that tell part of our own stories. Just a thought.


I was born in 1952, the year of The Greatest Show On Earth. May I try?

Greatest Shows are excellent at multi-tasking and frequently have several balls in the air at one time. They can achieve success on several fronts such as work, home, and personal fulfillment. They're also non-judgmental and welcome everyone into their big tent.

And they like popcorn.



You are a genius!! :-)


I've linked to this entry from my own blog. A friend of mine, Susan, immediately noticed that you missed out Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979. She's far too shy and reserved a person to ask for it herself so I have taken it upon myself to ask on her behalf.


This is perfect. I'm a 1977 and it summed me up absolutely. Wow - and I thought that all this mystical horoscope stuff was rubbish.....
I bow down to your superior cosmic interface!


1979 please!


Re: 1990s:

"They are also too young to be reading this blog."

Well, you have one here!


How about 1973?


Wow, this is great!!!

I thought at first I was a "My Fair Lady, but I am Sound of Music.

I feel I'm kind of a blend of the two, but I WAS a music major....

And my hubby is kinda a West Side Story.... Maybe we should name our kid Maria?

LOL, this SHOULD be a book!!!

A. Alaalas

Oh, just great, The Wizard of Oz! Some kind of booze-laced LSD trip about inadequacies and frail dependent friendships. Makes me want to cry. You see, Toto, home just wasn't that sweet, you steampunk bitch!


My boyfriend is so totally a Patton (born in 1970), he even agrees with it. Could you do 1975 for me? Thanks.

Greta Christina

Okay. 1955, 1973, 1975, and 1979 are now all up. Sorry it took so long; I think the spirits of the Oscars were angry about the whole Project Runway thing. (Worshiping false gods -- what was I thinking?)

I'll try to complete the list over the next few weeks; if you have a specific year you want me to do, let me know.

Lance Sanders

Gretaaaaa! ;)

Lance Sanders

Gretaaaaa! ;)

Pointy-Hatted Geek



How about 1951?


1991 would be awesome, thank you.


1991, please!

Greta Christina

1951 and 1952 are now up, as are 1991 and 1992. Because I have absolutely no life.


I'm kinda like a In the Heat of the Night. Oh yeah, I'm kinda like a Gemini too. Actually, I'm kinda like A Man For All Seasons too...and kinda like a Cancer....

Greta is brilliant again.

Robbie Taylor

I have to request 2005 - Crash - for my little daughter who was born that year. Something about racial divisions and the interconnectedness of life, surely...

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