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oooh - excellent system - 1963 and 1989 please!


I bet my pants that Oscarology is slightly less random than astrology, for the simple fact that the Oscars are an actual human event, while the stars' impact on us is miniscule at most (at least, in astrologically recent times).

Then again, my year is 1983, whose best picture winner was Gandhi, and any system that correlates a schmuck like me with a visionary like him is probably a failure.

Louis Doench

OK, 1968. Oliver! Never seen it.

Stacey C.

1978....though the movie is Annie Hall which makes me a bit nervous...I don't like Woody Allen at all.

Deirdré Straughan

LOL - "Lawrence of Arabia"! My husband gets "Around the World in 80 Days," which fits me more than him...


Does this system use what won the Oscar in that year, or what film from that year won the Oscar (in the ceremony during the next year)?

I'm a youngin'.


I'll even save you the trouble of looking up what film it is.

In the 54th Academy Awards ceremony, taking place in 1982, the award for Best Picture went to Chariots of Fire.

In the 55th Academy Awards ceremony taking place in 1983, where the films being judged were from 1982, the award for Best Picture went to Ghandi. (Hey! I actually saw that film! Had to watch it in World Cultures II class. Most of the rest of the class slept during it [literally], but I enjoyed it.)


How intriguing. 1970. Let me check... Patton. What the..

No way. Go back to Chinese astrology. At least I get a decent creature. Wait a minute. I'm a fucking dog. Man! 1970 sucked.


1976- Rocky. Huh. Do I like to go through life punching large hunks of frozen meat?


1964 - My Fair Lady. I most closely resemble her Before rather than her After.


1980, "Ordinary People", which I've never seen or even heard of before this, and which right away doesn't sound very applicable to me. Oh well.


Now I am depressed -- Best Picture for 1954 "On the Waterfront" -- "I coulda been a contenda" ???? Yuck

newbie atheist

Bridge on the River Kwai!
Confrontational, purpose driven, stubborn and yet, realizes that actually going to war over a goal is ultimately futile.
I like it!

G Felis

Hmm. I like this idea, but your Oscar-based descriptions could benefit from some more "Forer effect" vagueness if you're really gonna sell it. (Anyone curious about the Forer effect can click my name below for a link about it, since Greta Christina has disallowed links in posts due to spammers.)

For my birth year, 1967, In the Heat of the Night:

You often feel like you don't fit well in your surroundings, but you press ahead with what you need to do. You care about your reputation, but you care about doing the right thing more. While you have some prejudices and preconceptions of your own, you do your best to overcome them and don't put up with the prejudices of others. Because of this, you are capable of surprising people who might expect less of you. On the other hand, at times you have had serious doubts about whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. You try not to see complicated issues in black and white, but sometimes you can't help it because the sharp contrasts stare you right in the face.

[excuse me while I extract my tongue from my cheek]


1959 - Ben Hur
What does that mean for me?

here's some info about the film:
It was a re-make of MGM's own 1926 silent film of the same name, and the first and only re-make to have won the Best Picture award. Both films were based on or inspired by General Lew Wallace's novel (first published in 1880) about the rise of Christianity.


1985 Out of Africa. And I am currently living in East Africa. WOW.

Jon Berger

"From Here to Eternity." I don't even want to say what year, because it basically means that I'm older than dirt, but that's the film. Umm, I have a propensity for having sex on beaches? I'm basically an immoral, degenerate putz but when I'm attacked by the Japanese I rise above my shortcomings and find my inner hero?

If my parents had gotten busy just a couple of months earlier, I'd be "The Greatest Show on Earth." I don't even like to think about what that would mean.


I'm a VERY youngin'. 1990 is my year.

Not having ever paid attention to the Oscars, I'm sure to find this extra interesting.

This is a brill idea, Greta. Major props to you for it.




1972 - Godfather - hee, hee :D
His was hilarious too: 1958 - Gigi
(there's a thing, I could calculate how many man I'd attract :P)

Fantastic idea this, all those winners! :D


I got The Last Emperor, 1987. I thought that film was pretty weird, I kept not paying attention and I got bored about halfway through. I hope that doesn't describe what people think of me.

Nurse Ingrid

I am apparently A Man For All Seasons, as are Laura Upstairs and Linus's Helper Monkey.

A rather amazing film, actually -- and the only reason I even saw it was so I could understand my "oscarology" sign! I don't identify with Sir Thomas More's religious fervor, naturally, but there's no denying his integrity. Dude was hard core, and that I will always respect.

Ashley M.

I've never seen the movie for my year (1985)--Out Of Africa. This is a really fun idea, BTW.

Greta Christina

Accessing... accessing...

It's going to take me a day or two to finish all of these. Communing with the Spirit of the Oscars takes time, you know. But I am having more fun than a barrel of monkeys with it. (And it's not too late to chime in with your birth year, if you haven't done so already.)


1988! (I like chinese astrology, because I'm a dragon.)


Anyone born after 1980 (you young whipper snappers) could also gain some supernatural (i.e. made up) insight from the Razzie Awards for Worse picture. My eldest daughter gets Showgirls from 1995, the second eldest gets The Postman (1997) and the twins get Burn Hollywood Burn (1998) all of which were indeed dire movies.


Hey I like c4bl3fl4m3's method. I was born in 1981 so if I use the movie listed as Best Picture 1981 it's Chariots of Fire, but if I use Best Picture 1980 on account of the ceremony took place in 1981 then it's Raging Bull. I think there should be some kind of chart that takes into account what cult classics came out in your year for this. Road Warrior came out in '81 didn't it?

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