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Steve Caldwell

Greta -- if you reply to a spammer from an email address that you use and care about (e.g., you've just told the spammer that this address belongs to a real live person.

If you want to contact this spammer, use a free Yahoo or Gmail account that you don't really care about. Actually, I wouldn't really bother with contacting the spammer.

But I would ensure that my email software's junk filter is now trained to reject this spam address.

the chaplain

On the condition that you use a garbage email address, I think it would be hilarious to send, "Do tell, which part of my atheist porn blog did you like the best?

the chaplain

BTW, I wouldn't be surprised if your Christian friends respond that they really like the porn.


Why are you being so cynical, Greta Christina? It's well known among Christians that Atheism IS a religion. Maybe you could share the burdens of your ministry with him.

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