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Well, chopped is the generally accepted way to serve green salad in Bulgaria. Yet here it is getting more and more fashionable to serve salad in bigger and bigger chunks.

The problem with chopped is that once salted, it will quickly turn into shriveled green chunks and a pool of lettuce-juice, so you have to eat it quickly. For dressing, don't use anything heavy, even mayo may turn your salad into holy sticky horror.

As for bigger veggies- just cut them into ordinary pieces and mix them into the salad. Chopped lettuce with radishes and topped with a quartered hardboiled egg- this is a spring classic.


"Big chewy leaves"?

If your lettuce qualifies as "chewy" I think you need to find better lettuce.

Felicia Gilljam

You could chop up the salad as fine as you want it and add the tomatoes and cucumbers (and pepper! I love red peppers in my salad) in bite-size chunks.

Also, vinaigrettes rule. My dad makes the most wonderful vinaigrette with oil, vinegar (not sure exactly which kind), honey (from our own beehives) and various herbs/spices... MMmmmm. Seriously, when I eat dinner at my parents', I eat salad just so I get to drench it in that lovely vinaigrette.

Felicia Gilljam

Oh, also, Re Hipparchia: Salted? You put salt on your salad?!


Actually, I've always taken salty salad for a given. It wouldn't be called "Salad" (from the Latin "salata", salty.)But that's the way it's done in my neck of the woods. Sometimes, the good Bulgarian housewife will chop the salad as finely as possible, salt it and then squeeze it- to make it soft. I always thought this kinda gross. However, I've seen people who cannot eat salad unless it has been treated in this atrocious manner.

Anyhow, you should come to Eastern Europe. We do way more fun things with food than put salt on salad.


I feel like the rat in Ratatouille:

You know what would go great with your spinach and nuts and blue cheese? Apples! Julienned apples. Yum.

Greta Christina

Mmm. Apples. That sounds wonderful. I'll have to try that next time. And I appreciate all the suggestions for how to add in other veggies.

And I eat wonderful lettuce, Peter. But even with tender, groovy, organic lettuce, you still have to go "chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp" to eat it. I find it tedious, and a hindrance to the experience of savoring and enjoying my food.

And Hipparchia, I just want to tell you how thrilled it makes me to know I have readers in Bulgaria. The Interweb is truly a remarkable thing.

Nurse Ingrid

Of course salt goes in salad! Just a tiny bit, mind you, but it's in there. Remember the French saying about how to make vinaigrette?

"It takes four men to dress a salad: a wise man for the salt, a madman for the pepper, a miser for the vinegar, and a spendthrift for the oil.”

OK, it's sexist, but it works every time.

David Harmon

Cool trick! I tend to favor cooked veggies myself -- just today I poached most of a 10-ounce bag of fresh spinach (i.e., bigger than my head) plus a few cloves of garlic, into a single bowlful of cooked spinach (which I ate over couscous).


Thank you for the great blog, Greta. Great reads. My morning coffee now goes with Pharyngula and your blog.

(It's the cephalopods:)

Greta Christina

Rebecca, we tried our chopped spinach salad with apples, and it was wonderful. Thanks for the tip@ (We also mixed some lettuce into it, and it was really nice: sweetened and lightened the flavor, and added some complexity.) We didn't know how to julienne apples, though, so we just grated one. It worked fine.

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