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Its one of the few reasons I miss paying for the full cable lineup. I watched the first season and totally loved it. The best part was watching the friendships form and the kindnesses. Competition and conflict can make for an interesting story, but sweetness is what makes life worthwhile. BTW - I looked up what Austin Scarlett does now - he's a wedding GOWN designer. Talk about a dream job for the man who is Everything Gown.

J. J. Ramsey

"Which leads me to the other thing that sets "Project Runway" apart from other reality shows... a thing that I think has everything to do with the fact that it's a show about art.

"And that's the relative absence of cut-throat, Machiavellian, backstabby competition....The overall vibe of the show is one of camaraderie, cooperation, mutual respect, and even affection."

What's interesting is I noticed a similar vibe on the show _Battlebots_ while it was on. In the ring where the robots are fighting, there's all sorts of destruction going on, but the guys building and controlling the robots seemed to get along with each other, and I think I even remember one episode where it was mentioned that the competitors do sometimes share tools with each other.

Then again, the robots are a kind of art, too, which sort of goes back to what you said.

Laura Upstairs

Also, Tim Gunn is a god. Or at least some minor deity. You forgot to mention that part. (Are god references allowed on an atheist blog? If not, change it to some sort of sexual reference.)

Nurse Ingrid

I second Laura, Tim Gunn is THE best thing on that show. Most amazing speaking voice ever. I love how the designers are always imitating him. "Designers...I just want to let you know that you all are DOOMED. Nothing you do can save you now."

I'd "make it work" for him anytime.


The lack of "cut-throat, Machiavellian, backstabby competition" is one of the reasons I like the Dancing With The Stars so much too.


I'm addicted to the show for the same reasons. Seeing art being made is wonderful.

(I watch Top Chef, too, but it just makes me hungry.)


I love getting to see a new unique piece of art from each contestant on PR. And it's art that we can appreciate via TV as opposed to the creations in the chef competition shows for example. Yay art and creation and craft. And gay fashion gayness.

Laura Deal

I'm such a Tim hag. I want to go to Red Lobster with him and dish about his post 3 am mistakes.

When you need more PR fix, check out the Canadian version on YouTube. Brian, the mentor, isn't Tim Gunn, but he's sweet. It's hosted by Iman who is made of awesome. They also had an interesting mix of designers. I don't recommend Britain's version which is called "Project Catwalk" because the designers aren't as good as in the US or Canada for some reason and the mentor is a designer and not a design school teacher and he winds up either literally draping outfits for some of the more clueless designers or getting all hissy because they hurt his feelings (seriously could you see Tim Gunn storming out and refusing to help for the rest of the week because he didn't like what someone said about him? He'd have never made it through season 2 and then who would have looked after Andre? ) also one of the judges is like the bitchiest queen ever and not in a good way and I was a drama major so I know bitchy queens. He just makes mean personal remarks about designers based on their body type or the part of England they are from and it's just not as fun or artistic as the North American versions. Oh and WTF: it's hosted by Kelly Ozborne!

Loving watching Chris this season. I've heard about him for years because he's friends with a bunch of my Krewe mates and has made some of their costumes. He was so robbed last week- I'm not getting the bright blue baggie with plastic gems glued on the chest winning, but then maybe I'm just not "fashion forward" enough.

yet another laura

Yay! I just re-found your blog and loving reading what you write. :-)

Project Runway is totally one of my favorite shows and I'm glad you wrote about it because you put into words why I love it.

Also, season 2 is TOTALLY my favorite. All the singing and crazy impressions of Tim make me so happy. Also, if Tim weren't gay, I'd totally fuck him. XD

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