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Billy (A Liberal Disabled Vet)

My family and I went to visit our relatives in Florida over Thanksgiving. It was fun. It was warm. We went to a farmers market down near Daytona (other than that, I can't be more precise (I was driving, but not navigating)). One of the items they had was lemons. Organic Lemons. Organic Lemons the size of Grapefruits. Wow. They even smelled the way lemons are supposed to smell. So we bought a dozen (about 11 pounds of lemons) and have given them to many of our friends. The older woman at the grocery store who sells me my voluntary taxation (sorry, lottery) tickets said she got a gallon and a half of lemonade from one lemon, and it tasted better than any of the lemons she takes home from the store.

Hot honey lemonade. I'm not sure if I am that brave.

the chaplain

Hot lemonade with honey sounds pretty good. I'll have to try it sometime.


Greta Christina, my heroine blogger and down write(hehe) great writer!
I'm so thrilled that you are a customer of ours(I've gushed about this before) and that you enjoy our service. If only all my customers were so creative and positive about getting things they don't particularly want or care for in their box.
Personally, I would have made a big giant batch of Lemon Drops, put it in a pot with a ladle and plopped it out on my front porch for a little Holiday Cheer when the neighbors passed by. Nothing like getting to know your neighbors over some homemade brew. I wonder if warm Lemon Drops would work?
I've always been too bashful to write and give out my blog address because a great blogger I am not. Hell, I barely make the mediocre category! If I weren't so embarrassed about it, I would list your blog on my site as my favorite blog to visit, but I think that'd be doing you a great dis-service and I like you too much for that.
No Meyer Lemons in the box this week if you forget to customize your box, but I hope you don't have an Avocado or Navel Orange tree in your back yard :)


Lemonade sounds like a good idea, but I always thought that old adage was off base...

When life hands you lemons, make lemon pie. If life also handed you some egg whites, slap some meringue on that bad boy.

the chaplain

Richard, your alternative solution is very enticing too. I guess my choice would depend on whether I was hungry or thirsty.


Typically when life hands me lemons, I put little wedges of them in my iced tea. I do like the pie idea, though.


Not fair to mention something like hot honey lemonade without posting a recipe. How much honey? How much lemon juice? Are we just warming it, or does it cook?

Greta Christina

Wow. I didn't realize hot honey lemonade was such an exotic thing! I've been drinking it my whole life; it's wonderful for when you have a cold, and it's just generally a lovely cold-weather beverage. I thought everybody knew about it.

Okay. Recipe. I tend to make this on the fly, but a recipe would look something like this.

For one large mug of hot honey lemonade:

Juice one lemon. Two if you like it really sour and strong. I like it with the pulp, but you can filter the pulp out if you like.

Add boiling water. Or add tap water and put it in the microwave until it's hot.

Add honey to taste.

That's it.

You can also add bourbon if you like. It makes a nice "hot winter cocktail" alternative to hot toddies and Irish coffees.

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