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C. L. Hanson

I would never do that. Not because I object to it on principle, but because it is the antithesis of my own perversity or fetish. I can only get off on the thought of irrepressible, ferocious lust/desire. So I could see getting of on being paid for it, but if somebody gave me a gift certificate for an hour or two with a pro? I'd take him/her out for a beer to interview him/her for my blog!!! :D

That said, your post inspired me to have a fabulous extended fantasy about being a sex worker under certain particular circumstances. I can't post the details online (but -- as for every secret -- in person and raging drunk, I spill all... ;) ).

John Moeller

Wow, I've never found a Venn diagram to be erotic before. In context, though, it's very much so. :-)

Great post. I loved reading it.


Damn, now you've got me all curious. Most sex workers find female customers are vanishingly rare.

I used to hang out at a sessions house, and only remember it happening once, although it leads to a memorable story. House rules carefully skirted the legal definition of "sex" for the purposes of prostitution law, and the staff was usually fine with this.

But one day a woman called to book a session with one of the doms. She spent a long time talking to the prospective client, a complete novice who wanted to explore some urges she'd had, and came to the house owner with a dilemma. Some people have a real kink for corrupting innocents and "I might really want to, um, do her."

So a solomonesque decision was rendered. For the time of the paid session, sex (sensu stricto) was not permissible. But if she wanted to stay longer, the dungeon was not booked for two more hours...

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