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You know, as much as cats and I don't get along and as much as I hate cat blogging, I like your cat blogging.


Well, for one, you only do it once a week. It's always once a week, and it's always just one post, with a few pics. I can deal with once a week. I know it's coming. And it's not that often. And you don't overly gush over them, OMG AREN'T THEY TEH CUUUUTEST THINGS, you talk about them reasonably intelligently... or at least as intelligently as one can talk about the fuzzy creatures they love.

And that little song is quite lovely.

So, yeah, cat blog on, woman! :-)

(As for the heterochromia, it actually looks a bit freaky in that pic. I guess I'm just not used to it. Does it look less... startling... in real life?)

Robert Madewell

Here's the song I sing to my cats, Sissy Lou and Danger Todd:

Stop looking at me, with those unblinking eyes,
That expressionless gaze, curiosity's disquise.

Laura Upstairs

Pretty Miss Violet with her David Bowie eyes! Nice photo.


Actually, though I've already done my gushing, I'll also add that the velvet ripples of fur come out wonderfully as well. The first photo especially. So yes Ingrid, good job! Now bar the windows so people don't try to steal your jeweled treasure.

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