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the chaplain

I'm also thankful for the atheosphere. It's a place where I can find out what other atheists think about things and bounce my ideas off of them. It can be lonely being an atheist when one's family and workplace are steeped in evangelical Christianity. The atheosphere alleviates some of the isolation.


I'm grateful for the atheosphere too. Even without a physical gathering, you can have a sense of belonging and community, and that's something I most definitely do have. The Internet is a fantastic tool for helping atheists organize and find each other, and helping us speak out when our real-life circumstances wouldn't permit it.

Also, I feel grateful to be able to hear from so many intelligent, expressive individuals. There have been so many times I've read someone else's post that's given me a new perspective or brought up a point I hadn't thought of before. There's some top-notch writers on the atheosphere, and I hope they continue to do what they do best.


I'm glad it's around, too. It's gotten me writing regularly again, for one thing, and, like you, it makes me feel a part of something bigger, a community. I'll bet that's how my wife feels when she goes to mass.

Donna Gore

Greta, I am grateful that I discovered your blog. You say everything I think, in a graceful, thoughtful and tactful way that I can never manage to do. You choose your words carefully - I just spout off! I've bookmarked many of your articles and used them to respond to theists when having a "discussion." I just say, "Here, read this, Greta can explain it better than me."

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