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Louis Doench

A Fan Fic you say?

I'll guess.
Carrie and Big

Greta Christina

"Carrie and Big"

Nope. Interesting guess, but no.

Other guesses?


Buffy and Spike? :)

Greta Christina

"Buffy and Spike? :)"


The correct answer is, indeed, Buffy and Spike. (We would also have accepted "Spuffy.")

Steve-o is the winner of the coveted Greta Christina Says You're The Winner In Her Blog award. Congratulations, Steve-o, and thanks for playing our game.

Louis Doench

I almost guessed Buffy and Angel.


Gah. It was hot until you told me it was Buffy and Spike. I have a pretty strong aversion to the pairing, so much that it ruined the piece for me.

Alan Williams

Beautiful tight writing, elegant and hot. My lips were tingly and my hairs were standing up by halfway through. The evocation of obsession and dominance, as well as of the touch of the lovers hands (and I am pervy about my lovers hands) are amazing.

Thank you.

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