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Steve Caldwell

If gender identity and gender expression are not protected, then it leaves a huge loophole for discriminating against gay, lesbian, and bisexual folks.

All an employer has to do is say "I didn't fire an employee because he was gay ... he just didn't act masculine enough" or "she didn't act feminine enough" in the case of lesbians.


I would take anything written in that paper with a large grain of salt. Bay Windows is a bastion of gay transphobia.

You can see them regurgitate it in their "25 years..." section, too.

I am, however, glad that you called them out on it.


Robin Tyler was very cruel to her
former partners 13 yr old daughter
back in Miami in 1968.The ex was Patty Harrison and her daughter was traumatized by the behavior of the two who didnt even bother to explain that they were lesbians
Patty later disowned her daughter
under that persons influence.Patty
abandonded her daughter at birth
to pursue a modelling career.Always selfish rarely a bride

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