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C. L. Hanson

Darnit, I was planning to do an "illustrated edition" for my turn next time! I guess now I have no choice but to do the dirty edition... ;)

But seriously, great work!!


Very nice. I really like what you did with the illustrated edition theme. Creativity has never been my strong point, and I so admire creative folks.


Thanks for including my post on human experimentation. I greatly enjoyed your piece on the Galileo fallacy. People need to be independent thinkers and weigh the evidence for and against a position, not just assume the opposite of someone you dislike. Great carnival!


Lovely job, as always. Thanks so much for hosting!

Mike White

Love how everything is laid out and impressed with the topics posted so far!

Sadly my article 'Scientific Theory and Philosophical Idea' won't be up for a while due to server problems. However these should be sorted out within the next few hours.

The Ridger

Terrific job, as always. I didn't get anything written, but I'm enjoying the posts so far!


Wow! Terrific job. I've been battling this very thing in debate forums across this internetal series of tubes, and this post will come in handy.

Keep up the good work.


It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your excellent post here. I like that very much.

Dabby from

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