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marc anderson

you've got so much anger that people might mistake your stupidity and think you are a believer. i'm not a believer and am ashamed to call you an atheist. you're iq probably matches that of a priest or rabbi.

The Rabbit Ambulance

Wow, Mr. Anderson! So cogently argued, I might mistake you for a Southern Baptist.


I've tried writing erotica and am usually dissatisfied with the end result. Reading this post has been a tremendous help and I thank you. I think I'll dig out a few of my stories and try again.


I thought that was rather coherent, intelligent and helpful too. I don't write erotica but I can see the emails to my poor sex-starved boyfriend (who's away travelling) becoming of a better quality.

Thanks- and I'm sure he'd thank you too ;)


This is just what I've been looking for. Thank you. I've just started writing porn for my own pleasure, and as a way to get some ideas out of my head, and it's great to find something that helps me do that.

I'm considering setting up an anonymous blog, to share it with the world, too, but I'm not so sure that that would be a good idea.


This has been very helpful. I always flounder when I try to write porn. I'm going to try these ideas and see if it's easier for me to write. Thanks!


Have often wondered if I will ever be able to just give into my mind's reckless fantasies on paper. As my younger former self, I often indulged into my passion for pushing the boundaries of good sense and sexual exploration (I was a little reckless with others' emotions, and my own - I was also fearless when it came to fucking others...) Perhaps one day will attempt writing the scenes in my head.
Thanks for the tips.

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