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Curmudgeonly Yours

Greta, thank you for including the entry from The Mutt's Nuts, but - while it was I who submitted the post - it was IslaSkye who wrote it.

I look forward to reading the carnival entries and discovering the blogs that they come from.

Mike Haubrich, FCD


I woke up early, startled by the call of a godless blogger. "Read me! READ ME!" I felt compelled, as if drawn by invisible strings towards my computer. There was no escape! I read my e-mail and found to my horror the announcement that The Carnival had spread through the internet, spilling its poisonous fear into my screen.

I shall never be able to sleep soundly again on a Sunday morning.

Thanks for the includes, Greta!


Absolutely amazing carnival! Thanks so much for including my post, definitely a humorous read. Love it!

Spanish Inquisitor

Nice job, Greta. Clearly you put a lot of effort into this one, and it shows. And there's so many submissions...

As soon as I get all the leaves raked up this afternoon, and finish my other chores, I'm going to come back in here and plop myself in front of the computer and read.

If I don't nod off first.


Reed Braden


But seriously, great writing! I love the theme.

The Ridger

Spectacular! Enough reading to last till Halloween itself.

Romeo  Vitelli

Thank you for the mention. Very nice them.


Wow, this Carnival is getting huge! So many articles; so little time.

I really like the Haunted House theme.

Thanks for hosting.

Greta Christina

Thanks for the correction, Curmudgeonly Yours. I've fixed it now. And I'm glad people like the Haunted House theme!

Steven Alleyn

Thanks for the publicity, GC! I like the 'gasping in the vacuum of space' stuff!

Have a great evening!

Allen in Fort Worth

Thanks for the post, AND for all the traffic on my site, AND for all the hard work on this carnival. This stuff is hilarious. I'm almost grateful to Ann Coulter for having opened her mouth.

Allen in Fort Worth

Donna Gore

I say we make our OWN "Haunted House of Holy Horrors." It would look like a church, and when you go inside - The Spanish Inquisition! Torturing heretics with racks, anal pears, and other evil devices. Jim Jones will be there to offer you a refreshing glass of KoolAid. If you're gay, Jewish, or handicapped, you'll be directed to the gas chamber out back by SS officers doing "the Lord's work" (quote Adolph Hitler). If you're female, you will be escorted to the pond out back where you'll be given the witch dunk test. If you surrive, when you exit, Fred Phelps will chase you to your car spewing ugly names and carrying a sign that says "God hates fags."

Still looking at all the links here! I think the Hector Avalos article ties in with your recent blog about atheism and happiness.

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