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As we say down here in the antipodes,

Fuckin' Oath!

Means, right on, my oath on it!

I'm an angry athiest and I say it LOUD! I hope it pisses them off!

Red ragging, trade unionist fundie mocking, secular, socialist, beer drinking fuckin' atheist with a punk/metal soundtrack that sends jebus freaks, pervert priests and no-fun, no sex jihadist wankers running for the hills ;)

Stay angry, you have the fucking right to be angry! If they question your anger just say the words "Jihad", "Spanish Inquisition", "Pogroms", "Fred Phelps" and, oh yeah "Get Fucked!", that usually clinches it.

Angry, Atheist and Proud!


Good Loki you have a lot of responses! Congratulations on breaking 1000. Atta girl!


Great Post,

I am pretty much angry on the same topics myself!


Sorry Dweeb, I mean Dude, a god to save me from what? You mean I won't get time to spend with Santa Claus?

"Wow, you sound like a very angry atheist homosexual woman."

Sigh. What a failure. She was trying to sound like a very angry atheist bisexual woman. Oh, well, three out of four isn't bad


Wow. That is a lot of anger. I don't think I want you on my side. I wish you would pity and educate the undereducated instead you choose to be angry. Not good for your karma account.


agree with you 100% on all the points....was born a hindu and I deal with similar situations with the "believers" around me.....

John Smith

Doesn't the diaghram say that 55% would vote for atheis president? Still a reason to be angry for those 45% ;P

Jerke Wadde

I have a simple solution for your anger. Prove that Atheism doesn't mean that when you die, your lifeless carcass isn't just thrown into a wooden box or burned to ashes, that your time isn't up and that's it and you no longer exist in any form whatsoever and you no longer even have a bit of existence or conscienceness or even the tiniest bit of influence left on the world, and you'll never have to be angry with obnoxious religious beliefs. Until then, put a warm compress over your eyes once in awhile.

Rev. Bruce Holzrichter Sr.

I read your article and aside from the language, agree with you on your sentiments. Too many are convinced that for some one to have a different belief system or no belief system at all they are a danger some how. NOT SO!!!

I help lead a group called The People of Abraham, Christians Muslims and Jews. Try and imagine what kinds of comments and EMails I get from the super religious!!

Stand your ground you are after all still a human being !!

Rev. Bruce............Tawodi

Andrew OBrien

Anger tempered in the fires of reason is the greatest weapon we have for change in our society. Religion has been used as an excuse for immoral behavior since the begining of recorded history. Most of the anger I have have as an atheist stems from the contradictions of religious belief and practice, especially in the US.

While not mutually inclusive there is a high correlation between fundamentalist religion and civil religion. In the US this often amounts to a contradiction of religious law based on the Bible and Constitutional law based on the writings of our largely non-fundamentalist founding fathers. We restrict rights of others that cause no harm to society or individual, in contradiction of the spirit of freedom laid down as the basis for our country, simply because religious law of a certain section of society find certain passages in their ancient mythology that forbid that life choice.

If we rely on ancient texts rather than the reason of our own minds as the basis for our society then we cannot move forward as we grow in understanding (through observation and experimentation) of the universe. While anger helps to motivate me in fighting for my freedom from religion fear is just as large a motivation. While I hold onto the hope that the truth will out, as is has done in the past for scientific findings, I fear that humanity could regress into the tribal society that most religions represent. Religion gives people easy answers and rational explanations are often complex or require a foundation of knowledge to understand. I fear that lack of education and/or laziness may be the largest impediment to our understanding of truth. Belief should never supplant truth based in reason or we will cease to be rational beings and enter a societal downward spiral into magical thinking. Anger and fear have often been the tools of religion and I hope they will also be its downfall.

The Dude

I have a simple solution for your anger. Prove that Atheism doesn't mean that when you die, your lifeless carcass isn't just thrown into a wooden box or burned to ashes, that your time isn't up and that's it and you no longer exist in any form whatsoever and you no longer even have a bit of existence or conscienceness or even the tiniest bit of influence left on the world,

I have a challenge for you, prove the converse, that when one dies that consciousness persists after death.

Jerke Wadde

"I have a challenge for you, prove the converse, that when one dies that consciousness persists after death."

But that's not the point, is it? It isn't whether or not you actually continue after death, but the _possibility_ of it that continues to fuel religion. What would you prefer, to gently move to a new plane where your consciousness continues, where you meet passed loved ones and persist to watch the world move on, or they throw your lifeless body in a box? Where, if you were to get hit by a streetcar crossing the street tomorrow, or the doctor comes into the exam room and drops the hammer that you have metasticized cancer and you will be dead in a few month, then that's it, blankness.

I realize that the sane thing is to just try and live what time you have on this Earth well, without molesting young boys or flipping the bird at people on your morning commute or ignoring somebody in distress, but hey... everlasting life sounds pretty good too, sign me up!


Wow--thanks so much for so eloquently summing up the injustices we atheists recognize every day. I particularly like the way you pointed out the great contradition of Christians living in our Christian nation believing that they are being persecuted. Has there ever, in the history of mankind, been such a powerful group playing the martyrs?

I'm not sure I agree with you that anger is a tool. It is, after all, possible for a group to have so much anger that they end up screwing themselves. Take, for example young African American/ Latino street thugs who drop out of school and sell
drugs--I don't think their anger is helping their cause any. I'd say anger lights a fire under us, spurring us to take action. We then must pick up the real tools (education, intelligence, confidence, etc) that will help us win battles.
I'm just nit-picking, of course. Again, very, very good post.


"Wealthiest and most powerful country in the world"
As an atheist, and from the post above, I would of thought you would be a rational being. From where did you draw the above fact from? It sounds an awful lot like that dogma so many Americans spew out. According to the CIA factbook, in terms of GDP- per capita, the US is only 6th.
What do you mean by power? Military spending, numbers of troops or other? Do you know this for a fact, or is it just something you believe.
As for you saying that anger is "a tool that no social change movement has ever been able to do without".
Just because it is what other people used, is no reason to use it again. If we are arguing for reason and rationality, do not argue with emotions, it sends mixed, contradictory messages. Why dont we make an effort to do this without resorting to anger? Be the first, break the mold.
I dont need to hate a rapid dog, or be angry with one to see that it should be put down (just an example, dont crucify me for this). Same goes for this. I am going to take part in an anti-religious movement based on reason alone.

Side note: Why do non-religious people want to get married? Marriage is either: A contract under god (for the religious, with gods)or, as far as I can see, it is an agreement to spend your lives together, which I see as a very superficial thing. Id only do it for legal benifits.


wonderful! i'm a christian, but i really appreciated this and i hope i can reach outside of my own paradigm to see the value of another's perspective...
i get angry at all this too.

J.M.J. West

I think a lot of your anger is misplaced. I think that passion is important, and you show that you have that; but you also seem blatantly stubborn about your rightness in the face of other's wrongness, even though you seem to deny such rightness and wrongness.

Condoms won't solve AIDS.

The Galileo affair is seldom understood.

Yes, some Christians are hypocrites, but this is no news flash, for even the very scriptures Christians hold dear admit this. (And let's be fair, you're against most specifically a group or sects of Christians most specifically in this post).

As one who has passed from Atheism to Agnosticism and into the Oldest branch of Christianity, I used to feel similar on many of these issues.

Just don't stop asking "Could I myself be mistaken on something here" and you'll do fine...

Bryan Haskell

Perhaps I'm way off here, but as a person who is more agnostic than anything else, seems to me atheist are becoming the new fundamentalists. The commonality i see amongst any type of fundamentalist, be them Christian, Muslim, vegan etc etc is this insipid need to be right and anyone who has a differing opinion to be wrong... its all rather old hat. If you want to believe in a god, thats dandy, don't want to? good enough for you, good enough for me. think eating animals is barbaric? don't eat em. my point here is that believe whatever it is you will, and let everyone else be what they need to be. I think its high time we get over things that happened several hundreds of years ago, and seeings as not a one of us can prove our beliefs (thusly why they are called beliefs and not facts)lets stop trying to pretend we have answers that not of one of us could back up. Resentment is like drinking a bottle of draino yourself and hoping it kills someone else, so we need to get over them whether or not they are justified or not.


Peter - non-religious people want to get married for the same reason religious people do - because they love each other and want to celebrate their union with their family and friends. You may see this as "a very superficial thing", but for others it's very important indeed.
As for only doing it for the legal benefits - my inner twelve year old is going, "psh, DUH!" The whole reason gays are fighting so hard to be allowed to use the term marriage is because of those legal benefits. If there was a completely equivalent legal union open to all adult couples - call it civil partnership, or common-law spousedom, heck, call it chocolate ice cream for all I care - I'm sure many people would go for it like a shot and let "marriage" go hang. The privileges that go with being a legally married couple are not trivial. I'm fortunate enough to live in a country where gay marriage is legal, and it's not just symbolic posturing - it has made a serious difference in the lives of many, many people.

Jeff C

This was a fantastic post. I'm definitely bookmarking this one.

I find myself getting more and more annoyed (angry even) with the intolerance towards atheists and any questioning / criticism of religious doctrine.

I only wish I could respond in the thorough and eloquent manner that you have!

Thank you.


Two things to say: Keep yelling!!! You're so right with this... and: read Nietzsche and Richard Dawkin, it'll give you ammo for debate without having to read those fantasies they call holy-books...


** nihilistic xian ideology born of unceasing resentment **

For 2,000 years one hallmark of xianity has remained its hatred of natural science and sceptical philosophy. The Stoics and Epicureans of Athens laughed at Paul of Tarsus when he spoke to them. Paul's anti-intellectual (and anti-jewish) rejoinder is still holy writ:

20-Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 21-For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. 22-Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, 23-but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles . . . .
1Cor1 20-23 NIV

In short, Paul and his fellow revenge seekers created a god sharing their nihilistic values.

27-But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28-He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are . . . . 1Cor1:26-28 NIV

Xianity still appeals to those who believe themselves mistreated. To those in whom resentment surges. To those who must punish their guilty selves. To those who must blame others.

Xianity is practical nihilism. Directed inward, hatred of self. Directed outward, hatred of others and the world.

This is not some peripheral ideological stance -- it is the dark heart and sick soul of Paul’s life-negating world view, tarted up as a religion of “love”.


Duke Of Cairo

You blog, girl!!!


Im so glad i stumbled upon this, i too am an angry atheist you pretty much summed it up more power to you girl!


I'm so glad i stumbled on this.
I actually read out the whole post to my husband.
You've said everything my husband and i talk about - and provoked a lengthy conversation on the matter.
We're both strong atheists; he was raised Catholic, i was raised with several strains of christianity but by young adolesence we both came to the conclusion that it just didn't make sense - it was completely absurd, and so much of this angers me too; most incredibly, the insane amount of hypocrisy present in society with regards to the religionb vs atheism.
We both believe that you should not need someone else to be your moral compass - most of this is patently obvious to me.
Do not murder, thieve or hate - it's blatantly obvious these things are BAD! It puzzles me how people cannot think for themselves.
I have met nice religious people. I've always said that the stupider ones seem to have the loudest voice - and make the rest look bad.
But keep your chin up, we both identify with everything you've said - much of this is why i don't pay any attention to TV etc because i'm sick of being angry all the time.
Usually i lurk around on blogs and rarely comment.
But this struck a chord with me so much that after reading only two paragraphs i had to read it out.

Keep yelling, and keep trying.


That was was almost as if you took the words right out of my mouth. And I really hope that you and Ingrid can get married someday...good luck to both of you!




Thanks so much. Religion is like an opiate, a cancer. I want it to end now.


I was so captivated by your post! I totally agree with every point you made and applaude you for saying how I, as a fellow atheist, feel so eloquently. Bravo!!

Tony Nicoletti

I accidently clicked on this link Mercurious when I was going to IM you. I must say, let's face it...You are just angry. And with good justification.
I happen to believe in something greater than mankind myself. I'm not sold on any religious doctrine or practice. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, and anyone of any faith, certainly has had to doubt their beliefs at some time or other.
Yes, your blog here definitely makes me question my beliefs and points out some glaring hypocrocies and inconsistencies with any religious sect. Forget the catagorizations, stereotyping and whatnot associated with "my belief is better than yours". We are meant to evolve and grow as a people, the human race. And too many wars were fought for all the wrong reasons in this world. Especially religious battles, and crusuades. And while I won't pretend to know what all you actually believe in my man, I will give you a chance to present your feelings and defend your right to do so.
There needs to be an altruistic center, a balance that helps mankind interact and realistically see himself and his relationship to this world around him. Monumental as that may seem, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize what is good and right. A mind, unfettered with limitations, prejudice, ego, selfishness, or fear can do great things and be a benefit to all those around him. And wouldn't this be a far better discipline than blind acceptance.
Man, I'm surprised you can even begin to have a sense of humor like you do with all this weighing so heavily on you. Your friend, Tony


I wholeheartedly agree.

When I was in the 5th grade, my parents moved us to a place with shitty schools, because of that, I was placed in a private christian school. I still remember vividly the descriptions of hell they gave and can definitely say they scared the shit out of me. It's pretty pathetic the lengths some will go to to scare people into faith. We were 10 years old, there was no reason to say those things to us!
Regardless, I didn't much belong there, I was chided daily because I asked too many questions and told my history professor that I KNOW the earth isn't 6K years old because I knew that dinosaurs lived 60 million years ago, so there!
But, yeah, thanks for this post, it's a very accurate depiction of my thoughts on the subject and more eloquent than I could ever be in light of my anger.
PS- found you thru StumbleUpon.


i really agree with your article.
all this religios crap make me sick.



I get angry when atheists don't actually do all their homework.......


I had a smile on my face while reading this entire article. Great job!


I feel you, sister. I'm just as angry.

Shiva H Vishnu

Greta, All I can say is WOW !! You are very eloquent and have said everything that resides in my mind. I guess most of us who have sometime in our lives thrown out the garbage that was forced upon us as children carry this anger. Although I through off the religious yoke at 9 years old, it took me until I was 25 before I could stop feeling guilty for masturbating. Those thoughts forced into our minds in tender years are insidious and cause us psychological damage for years.

So thank you for a great article that expresses all our (atheist) views.

I wish you love,


... I think I love you.


THANK you, I stumbled across this blog and it reminded me of the reasons why Religion is so unsafe.

david mabus

For Dawkins and Randi and the rest of the so-called "critical thinkers"...

The *MODEL* of mental health:

"Look at the ANGLE OF THE KEY....see that, see that...."

what a fucking idiot this Randi is.....a REAL CRITICAL THINKER.....


to see how we stopped James Randi's fraudulent MILLION DOLLAR PARANORMAL challenge.....

watch carefully the consequences of Randi's *idea*…..

For over 40 years James Randi Zwigert (is this even a REAL NAME?) has had total control over who and how the testing was conducted, yet despite all this he has terminated the challenge.

The ONLY REASON why the challenge was stopped is because he lost and refused to pay.

PS: Love the IRONY of the BULLSHI*T sign over Randi's ugly little head

david mabus

david mabus

Adam Seale

Anger is good motivation, yes, but remember to temper it with reason and understanding, or you're little better than the hate screaming fundie on the other side of the fence, saying unto the world that your view is correct because it happens to be different.

The longest lasting changes are those that come from within.

I've had to attend a private Christian school for two years; recently, I found I was being denied the chance to return for senior year because I took part in the Day of Silence protest against the bullying of homosexuals in schools.

Truth be told, for the disgustingly far-right image the institution seems to portray, the way in which I presented myself won most of the student body to me before the end of the day: I stated clearly in my letter of explanation that my protest was *not* an attack on the Christian faith (although I was, in fact, contradicting the Bible, I chose not to present it as such).

No, my expulsion was the decision of a single hatefully homophobic administrator.

The support I had after that was inspiring. I even saw a message going around that came off the internet: "God wants spiritual fruit; not religious nuts."

Anger is a motivator, but it's sense, understanding, and rationality that affect the greatest responses.


Very good blog. Angry, yes, but that's the point...
I enjoyed it and agree with you.

Write more!


Bravo! Fucking-A, standing ovation, cat-call and wolf-whistle bravo!


I don't hate, I try to be what I think is right. Truth be told I am religious. So point a finger at me if you want. I'm not extremist in the sense of killing people or forcing my opinion upon them. Am I ration, that I believe is yes, but hell accept it as no if you want your decision, and I can't change that.

If that isn't enough to justify even a hint of my opinion, then i guess to bad, let it be gone.

What do I hate? I hate people that claim religion as the new witch hunt. Not to say religion is perfect, but that people who are religious can also be human beings. I think that God exists, wow look I capitalized God, obviously i'm extreme. I'm a college student almost finished and I see nothing wrong with believing in God. I have my beliefs in right and wrong, much of which are my opinion. I've grown up as a child with divorced parents. My father doesn't believe God and my mother is to influenced by step father. She is a believer, but that is not part of the relationship. Anyways I don't hate as best I can, remember hate the sin not the sinner. I let people have there opinions on many topics, I tell them my opinion and such, but don't force it upon others. I dislike people who obviously don't work toward what is religiousily right in my faith. I am Christian mind you, and I don't consider Catholicism part truly Christian. Anyways my point is that Christianity/religions in general have become the new Witch Hunt. Have you met people who claim religion and act wrong I sure the hell have, but also I have family that try to live it the best they can. My step-brother had sex before marriage, oh no, he had a kid, and he took responsibility for it. He is what i consider the best example of what I believe in. He takes care of his children, and his now wife. He adopts, he has 5 adopted kids. He works a full time job now so he can help his family, and he goes to college to be a teacher. He helps anyone be you a citizen or not, religious or not, or even from the same culture or not. What needs to be seen is that yes there are problems with many religious figures, but those that truly live what they say are also getting slandered by people who point out those who do wrong.

It is like saying that all politic figures are perfect. I'm betting that all people have at least one politic figure that they know has done something wrong. Same thing with religious people, but the truly religious try to work towards what they believe is right, and many of these people have a good opinion of what is right.

If your going to hate on religions at least hate on the people who say they are religious, but act differently. Don't hate on the people who live what they say, and what they say is reasonable logical.

So in typing this, what I hate(more disapprove of) is people bashing on others beliefs with not specifying those who purposely act opposite to what is correct.

And in closing atheists that claim anything that a person has done wrong is present in the entire religion (such as the catholic priests and children) should understand that such a claim justifies that any atheistic individual is the representation of atheism, be it pedophilia, racism, sexism, or the holocaust.

My opinion is there is ignorance on both sides, so stop bitching about it, or at least bitch while making proper stipulations. Else all you atheists could be considered pedophile, Nazis, or communists by association.


I was born and raised a Catholic. The Constitution gives no relgious test for those who practice a religion (just that it is freely practiced) but neither does it say anything about not protecting atheists or those that are agnostic. I think it should.

In fact, there is no religious test for a President of the United States, and yet one of the candidates (Mitt Romney) who is a Mormon, was taking heat for his faith. Or what about Sen. Obama, who has been somewhat tarnished by his relationship with Rev. Wright? People still think he's a Muslim that supports Hamas. What I'm saying is, even though with faith are questioned because of these very powerful perceptions.

I frankly don't think we have the stomach to elect someone other than one that can "prove" to various consituencies that they believe in God. That's very sad. It can change - I mean - it's not impossible, but it would take years, I think, for the possiblity of accepting (let alone electing) a President who was an atheist.

I am sorry for the kids that were abused in the Church sex abuse scandal, and think that anyone accused should not be in the pulpit. Period. They should be in jail. A settlement isn't going to give a child his or her innocence back. Nor do I believe that condoms should be prohibited, as they clearly protect against HIV/AIDS and other diseases. With a couple of the other points you raise, I wish to keep my opinions to myself.


You rock!

I don't know your name but I am so very glad people like you are in the world!

You're a shining star in a night sky.


I'm sorry you feel this way, I really am. At the end of the day, when everyone else has turned their back on you, God still loves you, no matter what you have done. If he can love me, he can love anyone.



Attagirl. ;)

Reading your response post, I figured I might as well go ahead and show my support. I Stumbled Upon this gem and devoured it, coming out much better armed to deal with those who question my anger. I also came out -okay- with being angry about it, so that's two-fold on the greatness of the post. Awesome job, and keep up the fight.


I smile every time I read this. I'm bookmarking this and also forwarding the address to some people who've tried converting me and others. Should shut them up a bit. Hope you don't mind.


I have another hate for you to add to that list. This last year we have been preparing CVs in our Careers sessions. We got given a guide-handout thing that said the things to mention at the start. Name, DOB, Religion, etc... for use in a mock job-interview.

I put 'Athiest' under religion, and guess what. Yes, I got a Christian who said that he wouldn't do an unrealistic interview and would instead give me criticism on my CV. He commented almost immediately that 'it says quite forthrightly here that you are athiest'...'most companies won't employ athiests' etc... 'so don't put athiest on your CV if you want to get a job'.

Fuck that. I'll put it in dayglow orange letters before getting rid of it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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