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Gregory A Haley MD

Marvellous! I'm probably like the guy that who Adelle was at the Grammys, but nonetheless, you articulated my anger/ indignation so perfectly, that I was laughing and reading it to my partner all the way through. I agree! anger is a blunt knife or perhaps a gun with a faulty trigger, but necessary for change! Greg Haley

Brandon M. Lindsay

It's despairingly rare for someone to actually defend their views as truth. Everyone is so concerned with not offending anyone else that they refuse to stand by what they believe. As dangerous as Christianity et al. are, the only thing that can defeat truth is the abandonment of principles. Your post argues for a principled and impassioned defense of atheism, and for this I applaud you.


better yet, let's talk about christian blogs and gross generalizations ...

Casey Young

Excellent article; keep up the good work! Reason and logic will prevail in the end. Our ranks are swelling; you are not alone!


I get sad when people don't point out that the whole situation goes both ways and many of the things that self-professing Christians do are the same things atheists, Muslims, etc. do. There are good and bad people on every side of every line, including this one.

And I also get disappointed when people refuse to use logic regarding science, evolution, evidence, and creationism. To be blunt, there is no specific evidence that says the world was created, but there is also an almost insurmountable mountain of evidence against evolution. Darwin's primary concern he expressed in a letter to a school teacher, and mine, is that he could not find a way around abiogenesis. Life only comes from life. Scientific LAW, not theory. We've seen natural selection adapt, co-opt, and reuse existing genetic material to create new subspecies, but never spontaneously generate something new that resulted in a viable new species. Until it does that, evolution is so unproven, it's painful.

Alex Deutsch

Thanks for this post, you made me smile. Catharsis and normalizing of feelings is always nice... Maybe I'm not such a manic jerk. This one hits particularly close to home for me: "I'm angry that I have to know more about their fucking religion than the believers do. I get angry when believers say things about the tenets and texts of their religion that are flatly untrue, and I have to correct them on it."


awesome piece


You are a superb human being. These are all fantastic points and examples. Thank you, you're awesome.

Carla McLeod

Thankyou Greta, I think that you are my hero. you have put into words my frustrations of being an atheist among christians.

Carla M

David Marshall

Greta: Do you really think we Christians couldn't write out just as long a list of things about atheists or other critics of our faith that make us validly angry as this post?

When your side is (as you perceive) mistreated in the US, you say, "I'm angry that this could even happen in the US."

But when our side is mistreated (and if you think it never is, you're deluding yourself), then the fact that it happens in the US somehow makes it LESS rather than MORE significant to you.

Which non-theistic countries, exactly, have always legalized gay marriage? Was it legal in the Soviet Union? In China? In Vietnam?

Do you think millions of Christians weren't persecuted, even killed, by angry atheists in the 20th Century? How do you feel about the fact that much of the language Richard Dawkins uses in The God Delusion, could well be copied from Soviet anti-religious propaganda? (It could: I've read them both.) If anti-religious anger sometimes leads to Gulags -- and it sometimes does -- does that not mean it might be wise for atheists to keep a critical eye on their own feelings, and where those feelings might lead them? Or are you all that sure of the purity of your own virtuous rage? (Even after Elevatorgate, and all the internal anger unleashed subsequently?)

Why do you list so many evils committed by those you disagree with, but none of the great moral and reform accomplishments that the Christian faith has set in motion? The billions of people it has helped in hundreds of different ways?

Do you think I couldn't make a list 50 times longer and, perhaps, more historically balanced, on the good Christianity has achieved, even in this world?

"Be angry, and sin not," says my holy book. So sure, be as angry as you like. When you start taking shots, though, watch out for the back kick. The line between good and evil, said Solzhenitsyn, runs through every human heart.

Peter Temple

I don't understand the source of your anger. What is wrong with having sex with children? What is wrong with burning witches. Or burning anyone? What moral position can you take up to prove that these things are wrong? Is it just because you don't like them? Prove to me that adults shouldn't murder. What is wrong with it? Surely, it is Nature's way. Who ever heard anyone complain of sexual assault in Nature? It is perfectly natural for animals to occasionally eat their own offspring. No doubt it is to even out populations, or balance species in some good old Darwinian fashion. It sounds to me as though your objections are based upon --if not a Christian, at least-- a religious sense of morality. But that would be absurd in an atheist. Moral indignation? Righteous anger? Because I (for example) don't embrace your materialism? Thank God I don't. If I did, all my moral indignation would necessarily evaporate. What ARE you in favour of? You don't embrace the secularism of the old Soviet Union, I suppose? They saw nothing wrong in destroying their political enemies mentally and physically. (The end always justified the means.) I am personally a Socialist, because I believe in sharing, rather than competing for, the dwindling resources on this planet. Does that make you angry, too?

Jerry Dillingham

Thank you Greta! For being you and for being among us.


I'm angry that doctors aren't more open minded. They keep giving the same advise even though the advise there giving isn't working for people. I'm angry that people don't value their health and do things to damage it. I'm angry that people care more about fast cars and nice cloths then their own health.


Thank you, Greta, for writing this very long, very important post!


Very well said!

Carrie Diduca

Greta, I have just watched the video on youtube about this topic, and I am one of the angry athiests. Its funny because I am definately not an angry person, so when I started watching pro religion videos on youtube, I felt anger, but had no idea that it was anger that I was feeling, as I had never experienced it before.
I've been an athiest since I was about 11, and as I'm only 22 thats not too long, but I have never been up front about my beliefs, because I'm a very appologetic person so I felt bad, but watching your video, and reading this page, has shown me that I have the right to be angry and be upfront for what I believe, so thank you.
I have been very lucky because I live in Scotland and it's not a particularly religious country (by the way the Scottish Government is trying to legalise gay marriage), so I have never felt the prejudice that you do over in the States.
I sometimes wish that one day everyone will wake up, shake their heads and wonder why on earth they believed such a ridiculous idea.
Sorry about this short essay, I had alot to get off of my chest.
Thank you again for giving me the self-belief that I have the right to be angry, and not to hide my views or backdown in the face of a religious debate.


Keep on fighting! Keep your anger! Because people like you are agents of change. I've read an spanish translation of your article and I loved it. I'm a heterosexual male, but raised in catholic family, and is tough to me because of my family, they are still catholics, and they're always lecturing me like "it's a teen tantrum" or "it's a phase". I am a 31 years old MAN! I hope soon in Venezuela we can be "as angry as you are" because that'd mean the stablishment is trying to stop us, but catholicism is very well planted in our country still. Even though, the world is changing, slowly, but changing.

A big hug, sister!


Ijust sent myself the link to this blog on my hotmail, so I can always have the link around, no matter where I am.

Very, very well written!

Thank you!

Jan Barnwell

Go back to your word "enormity". It means "outrageous or heinous character; atrociousness". At least, it is the first meaning in the dictionary. The second meaning is "something outrageous or heinous, as an offense". The third meaning is synonymous with "size" - "greatness of size, scope, extent, or influence; immensity". Why not write "size"?
Yours faithfully,
A British Atheist.


I am agry, when I see, that such a sub-human atheist is living.

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