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Another few items for the list: 1. Good cunnilingus doesn't look like porn cunnilingus. Porn cunnilingus is performed so that the viewer can see tongue-on-vagina. Most high-quality cunnilingus would show nothing but the back of the giver's head. 2. Lube does not get on genitalia magically. Fucking for long periods of time generally involves something out of a tube or bottle, and that's just fine. 3. Long fingernails and fingerfucking do not mix. Ow.

Jason - GorillaSushi

Reminds me of the short documentary that Good Magazine did on porn ( ). Sorry for the self-promo but it's the easiest place for me to find it...

Steve Caldwell


Another option here for getting complete, accurate, and age-appropriate information to teens would be finding a nearby Unitarian Universalist or United Church of Christ congregation that is offering the Our Whole Lives program for grades 7-9 or grades 10-12.

The 7-9 program (when offered in religious settings) has a slide presentation that visually depicts lovemaking for male-male, female-female, and male-female couples that is realistic. The 10-12 program provides similar information but also includes cultural/historical context information as well through a video.

More information can be found online here:


Layne Winklebleck

Hi Greta,

I quite agree that the main aesthetic of adult entertainment portrays unrealistic versions of actual sex, and especially would make very poor sex ed when it comes to the female sexual response and anything resembling the proper eating of pussy. There are exceptions, of course, in the rainbow of materials that make up modern porn, one notable one being the real sex and authentic girl-girl orgasms featured in the website and DVDs. Full disclosure: I am a paid consultant for the Australian-produced Full disclosure #2: I have been engaged for some months in an effort to enlist sex educators in support of the idea of materials being appropriate tools for sex education. Alas, sex educators do not generally see the materials as appropriate for sex ed because the models, while representing a much wider range of body type than in standard porn -- and without the glammed-up porn look -- are pretty exclusively young and pretty. Therapists and educators prefer a broader range of age and body type, such as those in Betty Dodson’s educational videos, for teaching realistic models of female sexual response. I understand and accept that. However, I still think it is valuable to spread the word when adult entertainment materials contain authentic sex scenes. The website is also very popular, by the way, which is a hopeful sign for those of us who envision that adult entertainment might grow up a bit and still be fully hot.


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