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Hi Greta -- we were just talking about this over at SM Feminists, and I don't know if you frequent over there, but thought you might like to check it out:



Wow, to know this exists is scary. Just another step towards bringing back the wise teachings and laws stated in Deuteronomy. As a white male who controls the world I'll have nothing to fear as long as I become Christian just in time, but isn't that the scariest part of it all? Not to be afraid of being stoned to death, but having the power to stone someone else?

I swear, religion is either going to die out in the next 100 years or it's going to get real bad.


Despite being an evangelical Chrittian myself, this whole business seems a little odd to me. For a start I don't know about the use of corporal punishmen on one's wife? And even if I was married, I couldn't really treat a marriage as much different from a partnership of equals in practice- then maybe that's just my disposition. I know the Bible says that the husband has the authority, but where it condones what these guys are talking about is beyond me. (Yes, I know it says homosexuality etc. is wrong- but ceetainly it is not disproportionate to others as some make out. The thing is, ALL have sinned and fallen short of God's glory- and thereore all are in need of a saviour!) And as for literature? Highly suspect...

Some Guy

Inflicting pain on another person is creepy, with or without the religious backdrop, or the "ooh, look how edgy and open-minded I am" posturing.

If you get off on hitting people or being hit, you need therapy, not reinforcement.

Beast FCD

Cheesy stuff. I have always wondered about the wild eyed looks of Christian women who are married. Now I know......

Beast FCD


I ran across the site described while exploring stuff about spanking. (Possibly my kink.) From what I've seen in the "Christian" world, and I've seen a lot of it, an actual Christian spanking one's wife (implied nonconsensually) on camera for dissemination on the Net while simultaneously claiming a hyper-Konservativ view that "the Bible told me to to it" is about as likely as coming out for gay rights. Same for the wife - a devout konservativ/rightwing Christian woman would not go along with flashing her personal parts on the internet (God trumps hubby, in my observation.) Not that I think there's anything wrong with the human body or spanking. I just think the entire premise of the site is BS, a "scene" masquerading as reality.
I suggest that "Some Guy" do some reading on the viewpoints of spankos as written by them before asserting they all need therapy. I refuse to worship at the altar of political/social correctness.
BTW, I've read the book, and a mandate for a husband to arbitrarily beat or even spank his wife simply isn't there. If she needs it for her own reasons/feelings, on the other hand... why shouldn't they...?


I ran across several equally creepy yahoo groups that dealt with this, and as far as I'm concerned, they were entirely sincere.

I'm convinced that porn - and it's porn in the sense that anti-porn feminists usually mean it - is intended to brainwash and create an erotic justification for doing what this sort of authoritarian controlfreakism demands - beating the crap out of dissenters. And making them pretend they like it.

So of course it's aimed at women. It's probably given to under-aged women by women who bore them, as a way of showing them how to please a man.

Oh, and as far as religion goes - it has as much to do with any form of Christianity as it has anything to do with any proper form of BDSM. To people like this, God is just another excuse for doing what they would do anyway.


I think you are very wrong to single out Christians in this article. This is a very small sect, and Domestic Discipline has been around long before some of the Christians latched onto it and tried to justify it biblically.

Domestic Discipline (DD) makes many of the same claims as CDD, minus the scripture. Look at TakenInHand and Loving Domestic Discipline.

Stop blaming Christians for this one! DD was not originally their idea; some of them just liked it.


i know this is old, but i had to comment:

firstly, wow, some of these comments seem completely ignorant, or they entirely miss the point. to Angela - Greta didn't say she had a problem with DD. She has a problem with the way these particular christians have framed it and their lack of any sense of ethics when they take consent so lightely. which leads me to:

secondly, reading through their site now, i found this:
that's worse than just hazy about consent. it practically says that a husband needs to pray instead of getting his wife's EXPLICIT consent to spank her. and no mentions of safewords. and once you get started she can't withdraw her consent.

frankly, i'm disgusted.

not with the spanking, of course.


cdd is porn.
i love agood spanking now and then. but i would not like to live a spanking lifestyle.

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