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Oh my god.

I *remember* this one.

I remember this one from On Our Backs. I thought that was where I had read it, years ago, but I wasn't sure, so when I read the end part where you confirmed it, my already wide grin got even wider. My grin was wide from being like "I think I know this piece. *Greta* wrote this? Awesome!" and from groping around my memory for details.

I remember the picture from the magazine of the woman with her straight hair just so in a particular messed up but not messed up way, the ruler in one hand, sticking into the air, and the dildo in the other. I remember the dildo to be like one of those shocking clearish pink ones with the balls at the end that make sort of a knot and a vibrator dial on the end.

This sort of scene isn't usually my kink. But the way you wrote it... well, there's possibility for me. Not because it touches on usual kinks, but because it turns me on a bit. The way it's written, it would be far too intense for me, but to read it, to act as a voyeur on this scene (I see myself standing on the side of the room, not watching from a telescope across the way)... it's safe enough to not be so scary it's a turn off... yet deviant and "wrong" enough that it sparks the imagination.

Thank you for reprinting this. You've made me a happy woman with the memories. :-)

Mike Emerald

Great story! Loved it! For more of this: Look up The Apartment and The Backpackers on the Viv Thomas Forum under Screenwriters Guild. You'll love those scenarios too!

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