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Rev. Cawley

I have to agree.

As a Christian, I don't love God because I'm afraid He'll burn me in a lake of fire if I refuse Him. I love God because God loves me. I love people because I have the empathy and affection for people in my heart.

Fear of Hell is not a good motivation for positive behavior. As I once told some Christian friends, how would you react if your neighbor told you that fear of endless hell was his main "reason," bottom line, for not stealing your wife, or molesting your children, or running over you with his car if you got in his way? Would you look forward to developing an intimate friendship with him? By no means! You might do your best to treat him kindly. But you would also buy the biggest guard dog you could find to protect your family and property! The best you’d be able to do would be to treat your demented neighbor courteously, while also watching your backside. And that, with extreme diligence!


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