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ok first you dont understand the point behind spanking... you think it is dirty and kinky but in truth some people just cant have normal sex without pain"" and enjoy it... it is not dorky or freakish... there are many levels of spanking as well as many types... along with no sex after at all so you read a few book and you think you know everything. you dont!!!! you are being dork... think about it how you say this are that without ever tring hmmm you can so your word means nothing and write what you know not what you read next time.... you have to be at the giving end or getting the punshment... the absurdity is you never tried it and judge everyone who does this... you are not god by any means... if you plan on writng what you dont know than you may not want to try so hard to judge the people who do...


Well, that above comment by Crystal is one of the more unintentionally hilarious things I've read lately.

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